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She was expecting this yet she was not prepared for the beautiful woman that answered the door. The detective had said the woman was attractive but his description lacked all the important details. This woman had the kind of hair you see in shampoo commercials; thick, long, and shiny. The fact that it was dark and straight made it even worse.  Jaiden had always wanted hair like that but the hair she had been cursed with was thin, medium brown and curly. She moved on from the woman’s hair to her green eyes, pouty lips, then down to her thin yet curvy body. This woman was the embodiment of everything Jaiden had always wanted to be and she hated her for it.

Jaiden was always an overweight child and as she got older that never changed. If Jaiden had had the willpower to lose a few pounds she would have been very attractive.  She could still feel good about herself when she put on some makeup and went out to the bars but she never found what other girls seem to find. No matter how good she felt about herself on any given day she knew in the back of her mind that she was overweight and the men she found attractive would never be interested in her. It took her awhile and many times of having her heartbroken but she had finally figured it out. She wanted men to want her so she compensated for her weight by always trying to form her personality to the way she thought men would want her to be. She never let them know how much she liked them because it would make her seem clingy, she never asked about calls from other girls because she didn’t want to seem jealous, she never asked about their relationship because she didn’t want them to feel tied down. She thought they would lose interest. Her plan always seemed to backfire though, her laid-back attitude towards them gave the impression she had low self-esteem (which was definitely correct). This got men that would ‘date’ her but only in secret and when it was convenient for them, men that had a good time with her but then went back to their girlfriends, men that were charming and nice when they were getting what they wanted but as soon as she mentioned wanting more from them or nothing at all they would transform into cruel jerks who would say such horrible things to hurt her it bordered on harassment. Yes, she had had her fill of low-down no-good men. She had almost given up, jaded and hopeless, until she had met Kevin. He was straight-forward, nice, sensitive, and was tired of the dating scene. He wanted something serious. When he told her he loved her size and thought she was beautiful as she was she knew her luck had changed.  Things were finally going good for once in her life. She had a boyfriend who told her he loved her every day. They could talk for hours upon hours telling each other everything about themselves; their past, their families, their ambitions. When she tried her usual attitude that she usually gave men he saw right through her. He had said he wanted someone to care enough about him to act jealous, he wanted them to be the only people for each other; he didn’t want someone as laid-back about something as important as love and a relationship. Before she knew it she had done a complete transformation. She felt comfortable asking where he was going and she finally felt worthy of having someone love her.  Now, 7 years later, her world had come crashing down as she stood at the doorstep of this beautiful woman and prepared to for the worst.

“Can I help you?” asked the woman.

“Can I come in? This isn’t the kind of conversation we should have in the hall.”

“uh, sure. Do I know you or are you a friend of Kevin’s?”

This wasn’t going to be easy for her or the woman.  Unless of course the woman knew about her but she doubted it.  She looked around the room while the woman got her a drink of water. Pictures of Kevin and this woman filled the apartment. Pictures of them smiling and kissing. They looked so in love. This was more painful than she thought but she mustn’t cry. Not now. What would this woman think of some stranger coming in here and crying before she even has a chance to introduce herself? She would not let this woman think lowly of her, she would not be thought of as pathetic by her, she didn’t need any more humiliation than she already had. She sat up straight and put a strong front on.  The woman came back in the room.

“Here’s some water. Kevin isn’t here right now. How did you say you knew him?”

“I’m Jaiden. I’m not all that surprised he hasn’t mentioned me.  What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t, its Lucia. Kevin doesn’t have too many female friends and the ones he does have aren’t a secret. You still haven’t told me how you know him.”  The woman looked at the strange visitor in front of her and could sense something wrong. She steeled herself for what she might have to say. The visitor’s face looked determined like she had come here for something and wasn’t leaving until she had done what she set out to do.

Jaiden took a deep breath and declared, “I’m his wife.”

The End

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