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Hear the screams of the dying,

Hear the sobs of those who’re crying

For the lives of more friends slain;

Hear the voices of those in pain.

See the images blurring past,

See the chaos into which you’re cast.

Know the thin line that you tread,

See the corpses; glimpse the dead.

Feel the slicing at your back,

Feel your vision turn all black.

Sputter in your need for breath,

Feel the doom, the imminent death.

Find the strength to stay alive,

Find the buried will to survive.

Escape the command of a bloody knife,

Find your essence, save your life.

Bring the vengeance in your heart,

Bring the battles to a start;

On the grounds you were to defend,

Bring even more lives to an end.

Taste the sweetness of success,

Taste the bitterness of distress,

For how many lives are spent in war;

Taste the sickening blood and gore.

Hide the spirits of your friends,

Hide the sadness ‘till this ends;

Every death will make a mark,

Hide the lasting pain in the dark.

Kill your trust in the Elfish race,

Kill the obstacles that you’ll face.

Pray for luck from far above,

Kill and abandon what you love.

Mark the dragons in the sky,

Mark the hope that will not die—

One alone can change the course,

Mark the power of one force.

Hope for a better future now,

Hope that for this, Fate will allow.

You will know when you make a stand,

Hope for a new life in a new land


The End

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