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Two years ago, someone moved in with Natalie. He wasn't exactly normal to say the least. Now, she might be falling for him, which isn't good...

Damn, I thought as I shoved my key into the lock of my front door. It was really late. He didn’t like it when I was late. I pushed the door open and quietly shut it behind me, flinching at how loud the lock clicked. I tip-toed forward as quietly as I could and took my coat off. Hanging it over the banister, I moved into the living room. I jumped and squealed as the lamp in the corner flicked on.

“Boo,” he said, taking a drag from his cigarette.

“I’ve told you not to smoke in the house.”

He just shrugged. “So, what’s kept you this time?”

“Lab work needed to be done and recorded. Lucifer, it’s a university course, it needs to be done.”

He grumbled a bit but I just ignored him. I pressed the light switch and, with the clock now lit up, could see it was half past midnight. I dropped onto the sofa opposite the armchair Lucifer occupied. Sighing, I relaxed into the black leather.

I could see Lucifer watching me and raised an eyebrow. The corners of his lips pulled up slightly in the almost-smile that commonly plagued his face. His ash blond hair was ruffled and looked like someone had stuck a mop onto his head. His grey eyes observed everything as if it was a puzzle to be solved. He never missed a thing.

He stubbed out the small remainder of his cigarette in the ash tray on the side table beside him. Sitting back, he still hadn’t taken his eyes off me, like he was trying to work out what I was thinking.

“You hungry?” he asked.

“You made dinner?” I couldn’t believe it, not at all.

“I ordered pizza,” he laughed. That I could believe...

I rolled my eyes and stood up, walking through the sliding doors into the kitchen. The pizza box was on the counter. Lifting up the lid, I found it to be pepperoni pizza. I grinned to myself.

“Oh, I love you,” I said, taking to pizza box back to the living room.

“Somebody needs to,” he joked.

“Aaron says ‘hello’ by the way,” I told him.

“Your boyfriend?” he asked. I nodded. “Is he not worried about you sharing a house with a different guy?”

Raising an eyebrow, I said, “Should he be worried?”

“No, but if he knew who I was, he might find that cause for concern.”

I shrugged and started eating my cold pizza.

“Are you not going to microwave that?” Lucifer asked.

“I’m hungry, I’m tired, and I’m bored of all my lab work. All I want to do is eat, go to bed and have the day off tomorrow,” I said around a mouthful of pizza.

“You’ve got the day off tomorrow?”

“I did tell you.”

“I’ve got a Ouija reading to do tomorrow at the warehouse, then--”

“Will you please stop fucking with peoples’ heads?” I interrupted.

“Give me my fun. I can’t go home and do it from there, along with feats of terrifying proportion, so let me do it here. Life’s too boring not to mess with minds.” I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, I’ve got that tomorrow, and then I’ve got nothing else so we could do something if you wanted?”

The End

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