First two paragraphs of Ch. 1

Chapter One

 The first bullet missed. The sniper cursed, and pulled back the rifle’s bolt. He slid it back into place angrily. He wiped the rain off of his face, and put an eye up to the scope. The van’s windshield was shattered. The driver’s face and right arm were cut deeply by flying shards of glass, and, in shock, he had not attempted to drive away from the red traffic light.

The sniper took two seconds to take all this in before he pulled the trigger again. This bullet hit the driver square in the chest. Dying, he slumped over the wheel and the van started moving, gained speed, then smashed into the wall of a building. Part of the vehicle was still protruding into the road, and a truck, unable to stop on the slick streets, smashed into it.

The End

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