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Twins, Ricky and Elliot, dont like it when they've forced to move into their aunts house in the country when their mum gets sick but making the use of the large house they find themselves somewhere they never expected.

"Ricky!" Elliot snapped causing his twin to look at him with a squinted glare. The twins looked alike. Well, they looked completely identical from their reddy brown hair to their stormy grey eyes and creamy pale skin.

"Whatever?" Ricky muttered slumping back into his seat. The twins were arguing and not some petty brother arguement they often had. More the arguement about how they had to move. Ricky was the bad brother if you could call him that. Short tempered and very cheeky he didnt understand when was a good idea to calm down and just listen.

In his mind if someone hurt him or his family they had to pay. If something annoyed him no one would stop him from getting what he wanted. Well, except for his brother who was like the light to his dark.

Elliot was often a quite boy. He was polite and well-manored so easily making friends. You couldnt hate Elliot if you tried. He was almost innocent compared to his rough, aggressive brother but together the twins worked.

They were a team and if they were together you could see how well they got on. Except right now. "We're leaving mother Elliot? Dont you care!" Ricky snapped.

"Of course I care" Elliot stutters feeling tears begin to form in his eyes. "But for her sake we need to go live with our Aunt till she gets better"

"We dont even know who this 'Aunt' is" Ricky muttered back with clenched teeth. He leant his arm on the arm rest leaning his face grumpily on his hand. Elliot bit his lip unsure of how to reply. He knew his brother was right but they had to do this for mother. She was getting worse from having to care for them all on her own. Letting her go into hospital and staying with their Aunt was the only way for her to get better.

Ricky knew this as well but... well, he just didnt want to leave. He didnt want to be stuck in some posh fancy country house while their mother suffered even though he knew this could help her. "Why cant she just come with us? Wont fresh air do her good?" Ricky whispered his voice thick and heavy.

Elliot sighed looking at his brother sadly. "She needs doctors, Ricky, and medicine. She can barely travel two minutes nevermind these three hours on a train"

"Just... Just let me...." Ricky stuttered.

"Its okay, I know" Elliot said with a nod turning and looking out the window with his brother.

The End

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