No Title 1, No Title 2, No Title 3

He saw her as, he wasn’t quite sure…a threat? His world was safe, secure, sure.. all he wanted was conversation and a little lovin sometime,,,,, she messed that up…stupid woman,, everything started like he planned.. she was she messed it up!!! She loves me? nonsense,,, he was “born to be wild” had been alone for years… now he couldn’t sleep, eat, think, his thoughts were about her when he rode through the night…..she called him a jackrabbit…. he didn’t run… not fast anyway…

                             NO TITLE 2
What was wrong with him? Why did he run? What did she do that was so wrong? He thought she was coming between him and his freedom,, “damn harley rider”,, if she wrote him what would she say?  She would tell him.. he was a cruel fisherman…. the bait had been consumed,,,, but the fish was left dangling… he wouldn’t release her or reel her in…

                             NO TITLE 3
Ok,,,GREAT now he was supposed to answer questions,, where were they headed? Off a cliff if this kept up.. how do they think of these questions? They had to have a club where they  got together and thought of ways to confuse men… that was it,, (C.M.C) .. confuse men club.. bet they had a headquarters. He laughed to himself. he could hear her “sarcastic”,,, he could see her “beautiful dammit ",, he should have kept his ego in check,, now look. She was everywhere, his eyes, his thoughts, under his skin,,, his heart?

                          THE END
He didnt want that involvement.. he had been there as they say and, done that.  She told the story, his mind went back to the dreams.... dreams of her,, dreams that made him lonely,, dreams that made him long for her,, but he wouldn't,,, COULDN'T give in,,  oh how good she felt, and her smell,, in his mind, his dreams, under his skin...  his heart?

Stubborn man, didn't understand the way things went, couldn't see beyond his ride down the highway.  It hurt because she knew he loved her.. they had found each other nothing to stand in thier way except......his fear.. She told him the story about gods plan and she watched thought after thought cross his face...
"This is the way it is, this is meant to be, I am not here to get between you and your freedom, I am following the plan...then he asked her, why,,why had she come..
"To love you like I always have and like no one ever will again."

The End

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