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chapter one- the beginning

I was sat at the train station, watching everyone rush by. A slight giggle escaped from my bitten bottom lip as i was trying to conceal any emotion that may offend anyone. Just watching people desparate to catch their trains on time amused me somewhat, I didn't see the point in rushing if there was nothing to rush. Something as delicate as human life, and love during that life was not something that was rushed. As the Chinese proverb goes, "patience is a virtue."
    It was while I was watching the world rush past me that I saw him. Someone so perfect, in no hurry to go anywhere. Just sat on a bench, with his head bowed while watching a pigeon run around the platform parallel to mine- while a contageous laugh escaped a perfectly sculpted face. I felt myself staring at this guy, and I had to prise my eyes off him. I continued concealing my giggling as people tutted at a train being delayed by 2 minutes due to "a fatality" as they put it; basically someone had enough of their life and took the easiest way out- via a train hitting them. Every so often, I directed my stare over to the guy who was still sat at the bench on the other platform. After about twenty minutes, I got bored of sitting by myself so I shifted over to outside the cafe. The pigeon guy was still sat over the other side, however while I stole another glance at that perfect face he caught my eye. For a very strange reason, I couldn't break the stare. I could feel my throat closing up as I examined his face, I realised after a few seconds I was almost hyperventilating. I gulped as I steadied my balance into standing up, eventually looking at the floor while playing with a bit of my hair. I saw that the next train going on his platform was unfortunately the one I had to catch to go home. I mingled inamongst the rushing crowd, still slightly giggling at the fact everyone was in a rush. But suddenly, so was I. Was I rushing to get to the platform for the minute chance he'd want to try to make strained conversation? Or was I rushing so the sooner I got away from this stroke of perfection the better?
    I tried to slow my heart rate as I walked down the stairs that meant I was on the same platform as the guy with the perfect face. I stopped just before the last few stairs so I could take a deep breath, and hope that I wouldn't embarrass myself. A few more deep breaths and I was walking past him, with an odd cocky grin on my face. I sat down a few benches away from him, looking toward the train times which were right by him. I could see him out the corner of my eye but I wasn't sure if he was looking at me. I didn't want to risk it by staring to find him looking at me, possibly like some crazed idiot. I sat there, concentrating on the clock and train times- desparate not to break my attention or look at the guy with the perfect face for one last time. I grimaced as I saw that the train was delayed; just my luck. I decided to chance it, to look at the guy I concidered perfection. I could feel my heart rate leap up again as I did it, my eyes glancing at the floor before the hope of catching his eye hit me. All of a sudden, I was blushing and short of breath, I had never had this feeling before. I wasn't sure if it was one I liked. But as I stared at the guy who's name I longed to know, I noticed he'd been looking at me the whole time as well. He had the most perfect grin I'd ever seen; a grin I was never going to forget the sight of. I realised after about a minute of staring at him that I'd stopped breathing. Trying to regain my breath, I also noticed the train was here. I took one last glance of the guy, taking as much of him in as I could. I stepped forward to get onto the train, and tripped. Great, all I needed was him knowing I was a clutz.

The End

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