No throwing balls a people for fun

this is a story for my creative writing class that I'm taking right now for 2011 9th grade year. and it's a about a law.

     Summer has always been my favorite season of the year when I was growing up in in New York, New York.  It was a great place for a rebellious , skater and young teenager such as myself to grow up in. 

     "MO!" Jake yelled as he flipped his skate board up in the air with his foot. As a resalt of doing such it ended up hitting him in the jaw.

 "son of a crow!" me and my gang laughed.


"dude," I said as i slid of the rail of the stairs. "it's fine. We all do that once in a while."

"ya ya ya. But it still hurts"

"don't cry little one" I got off of my board and put my arm around him like how an older sibling would.

"Hey i'm not little!"

"Yes you are little jake." Mulan pointed out

Out of the five of us, Jake was the third shortest but, we all made Jake sound like the smallest out of all of us. 

"Guys stop tormenting Jake on his vertically challenged self." Bass walked up from behind Lilly.

"Ya! Wait! Now your-"


"why don't we get going? the pedestrieanes are starting to stair at us." Lilly looked around and pulled down the sleeves  her long sleeved shirt.

"Ya!" Jake pumped his fist in the air.

"So what are we going to do besides cruising around the park?"

"how about fech?" lilly held out her white tennis ball.

"why not." Bass gently took the ball from Lilly.

"Wait, why don't we play hide and seek?"

''Jake we aren't five." Mulan rolled over to Bass and ballnapped the ball.

"Mulan!" bass called after her.

"no time to lose peeps!" Jake said as we all skateboarded after Mulan and the ball


We spent a good hour rolling around and chucking the ball at each other as we skated down the sidewalks of a park.

Jake wasn't the best of  chucking the ball. But we didn't care. It beet being at home with the type of parents we had.

"Jake! Catch!" Bass chucked the ball at Jake's face.


 "Hey that hurt." Jake yelled at bass

"Poor little Jake " I called

"Not funny Mo!" with that jake hucked the ball at me.

But the ball never made it to me. Insteed it hit one of the grandmas that loved feeding the pigdons bread crumbs.

That was two days ago.

It seems that Jake had chucked the pretty hard at her. She got a concusion and will stay in the hospital for the rest of the summer. Me and Jake are blamed for putting her in the hospital and we are now in "kid jail."

Jake and I aren't being punished that much. We only have to visit her in the hospital every day, take care of the park and feed the birds. For the rest of the year.

So now because of us there's this law that says "It is illegal to trow balls at people just for fun"


The End

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