Chapter 2 - Assessment

Danielle looks at her meager furnishings in the living room and feels another blush creep up her cheeks.  "I'm so ashamed of the state of my home.  I know I should have tried to do more, but I never knew where to start..." the toe of her boot bounces on the floor behind her as she looks around again.  She begins to say something more, but Sam interjects with, "Nobody is perfect darlin', and I'd say, who would have known what to do?  This is a great start, us looking to see what we can do the the house, then you can go and get whatever you like to decorate the place!"  He smiles at her with hopes that his words will soothe her apparent discomfort.  Danielle looks at him and a small smile rewards him.  She nods her head and moves further into the living room.  Hands out and palms up she says, "So what do you say of this room?  I love the fireplace.  Actually, I think just about every major room has one.  I, uh, don't really want to loose them."  She looks bashfully to the floor, that was a bold statement, and she wasn't accustomed to making them.  

Sam laughs, "Ah well, I don't plan on removin' them darlin'.  I can clean them up for you though."  Danielle again smiles, "That would be wonderful."  She looks at the floor and then states, "I also like the wood floors.  Can we keep them too?"  She looks wistfully at Sam.  He nods, "Sure can.  Just needs a bit of sanding and a fresh coat of wood stain then a finish and it'll be like new."  He takes in the entire room and makes mental notes of all the different types of wood and paints, and by paints he means the chipping away layers showing that the walls had been painted a few different colors over their lifetime.  "Ready to move on to the next room?"  She blushed

The End

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