Chapter 2 - Arrival

Danielle sweeps her hair into a tight knot bun, and peeks through the window next to the door.  Her anticipation is close to overwhelming, she lets go of the curtain and with a deep breath, opens the door.  She walks out onto the front porch and shuts the door.  Fidgeting with her clothing she realizes she needs to put on shoes.  Walking back into the house she grabs her old boots out of the closet and sits on the edge of the couch, throws one ankle across a knee, slides on a boot and repeats the action for the other boot.  Both booted feet flat on the floor, she sets her hands on knees and leaning forwards pushes herself up, again trying to flat iron her clothes with her hands.  Walking back towards the door, she hears the crackling of the gravel drive under tires.  Flexing fingers, she opens the door and steps back out onto the porch.  She wipes her moistening palms against jeans and watches the old white truck pull to the front of the house.  

Sam looks up towards the young woman standing on the front porch and grins.  She looks like she's standing before a firing squad with all her extremities rigid and yet soft.  Poor girl looks like she might faint!  Chuckling to himself he says, "Howdy.  I'm guessing you must be Dani?"  walking up the steps he extends his right hand.  She hesitates for a second and reaches out to shake it, responding, "Uhm, yea, I'm Danielle.  Nice to make your acquaintance.  Thank you for making it out this way with such short notice.  I wasn't really expecting to have someone come out so soon... " she left off without looking like finishing.   "Not a worry darlin', but question, do you prefer to be called Dani or by your full name?"   She paused, "Ah, whatever you like, it really doesn't bother me.  I've never actually had a nickname before."   He nodded, "Ayup, well no worries Dani, your secret's safe with me," then tilted his head he winked.  He got what he was aiming for, because her face flushed rose and a small smile lit her face, but it disappeared too soon.  This girl needs to get out more, and he thought, I'm going to have to convince her that we aren't all ignorant asses here in town.  He releases her hand and walks the rest of the way up the steps to the landing.  Reaching up, he lifts his ball cap and resettles it a little off his forehead and looks about him.  With a low whistle he says, "Phew darlin'!  You live in a heap don't ya?  Hell, I didn't know it was in such disrepair!  This is going to be a lot bigger a project than I thought!"  Her face looked ashen and he stopped, reaching out to lift her chin, she looked up before he could touch her.  "Don't worry hun, I'm not sayin' I won't do it, just that I'm going to be around for a while to get you back where you need to be."  He smiles genuinely and nods towards the door, "shall we begin?"  One hand in a pocket, he leads her to the front door and opens it, beckoning her forward then stepping in behind her.

Danielle can still feel the warmth in her face and ears, this is a lot more than she anticipated.  He is kind and very friendly, but he unnerves her, not in an attraction kind of way, but more like she's never met anyone like him before.  

The End

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