No rest for the (un)deadMature

Taken from an RP i started with some friends on a vampire RPG a while back, I thought I would see who would like to join. Basically you are vampires living in a settlement that has existed since time immemorial but is now under threat from extreme religious humans who believe that all undead are evil and should thus be banished.
Not everyone has to be of one coven, you can be of your own if you wish but if you could tell me so I can put it in your Charry bio I'd be grateful


The sun was setting on another day as Raven stood in the large meeting room his coven had in the house. No one was there but him and he sighed as the sky slowly turned from a beautiful pastel pink to a blood red. Blood, he thought, the only currency that seems to be worth anything nowadays. Looking from the almost prophetic colour of the sky his gaze dropped down to the large courtyard enclosed by various other parts of the house  where Arial was putting the latest new recruits through their paces and by the looks of it he was not very happy with what he was seeing either.
Turning aside for a moment to pour himself some blood into a glass he looked at the dark liquid, 10 years ago the council of Arinii voted unanimously on forming a board of scientists to come up with a synthetic substitute for blood but which contained all the things which the original contained. Amazingly after 5 years of constant research, testing, creating, failing, recreating and re-testing a viable substitute was produced and it was easily made in vast quantities too. This proved popular and now very few vampires that live in towns and cities worldwide actually still drink blood, and then it's only rogues. However its these rogues that cause the trouble that now hangs over everyone.

Behind him the door opened and Raven turned to see a tall slim female enter. Her ice blue eyes took him in and her black hair shimmered in the light of the dying sun,
"Raven, you're alone again" she said, almost scolding him, "you know that Verian doesn't like it when you're alone"
Raven smiled slightly, "Alissa, I'm fine. Verian's just scared, we all are."
Obviously not believing him but not wanting to rile Raven, Alissa let the matter drop, "Arial is starting to look like he's going to save the human's a job. I think he needs a break. Why don't you go show them what real fighting is?"
Raven sighed, "If only I could Alissa, everytime i pick up a weapon I go back there and I freeze, I'm no good as a soldier. To be honest I'm surprised Verian hasn't taken pity on me and just finished me for all the use I am."
Alissa covered the distance between them in a flash and the sound of the slap resounded round the dark oak paneling of the room then in an instant she grabbed both cheeks and kissed him passionately speaking only when they had broken apart,
"Verian hasn't because I won't let him. I love you Raven, now never talk like that again and show them what you've got."
Putting his glass down Raven started to leave the room turning briefly to look at Alissa once more and as he closed the doors to the room he could have sworn he saw a tear dropping running down her cheek. 

The End

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