Just a dream

The world was sweating. Or he would be, except that the heat was so intense that the sweat evaporated the moment it touched the surface. The man was hiding from the sun in the ruins of a Corinthian Order building. The shadows of the columns shielded his brow and kept him cool. Shadows were a lot colder and deeper these days. I guess that once the sun got a bit closer, the light got hotter, and the shade got colder. The nights were too cold. Three times the man came close to freezing.

The sun was setting, and the shadow he had hidden in became unbearably cold. Alas, he could not step out! The sun was still pounding the earth! But little by little, it disappeared beyond the horizon, and he figured it was safe to venture out.

One step.

He was fine.

Another step.

The ground was still very warm, but was cooling off quickly enough.

Another step.

And then he heard it.

The howl which he knew meant certain doom unless you were quick on your feet, and in this world, you had to be.

Since the supernova of HR 4523 A, the world had been thrown into disrepair. The only animals that could survive had to adapt to do so… except for the man. He had never had to adapt, which was both a blessing and a curse.

One of the most basic fears that plagued humanity was the fear of change, which is why very few survived, if there were more than one… but that fear of changed halted the evolution and adaptation of the human race. Now, man is no longer at the top of the food chain.

However, adaptation hasn’t treated all of nature badly. The wolves have flourished (and so have the sheep, but we’ll get to that later).

So, upon hearing the howl, that howl full of hatred and loathing, the man began to creep along as quietly as possible, hoping they could neither smell now hear him…

Yet knowing they could do both.

There was no point in screaming or calling out for help, for there was no help to be given.

He had realized a long time ago that he was the last one left.

The End

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