~No Regretted Desires~

Another flash fiction horror contest entry, 500 words or less. A grieving young bride takes back her wish for death too late.

like my other story, not exactly mature but not for younger viewers

                         ~No Regretted Desires~

         Running from death. What was the point? I’d already experienced much worse: my wedding. The gray sky complemented my solemn mood. Dragging behind me along the cracked, dry swamp, the train of my dress, hued cream like my skin, collected brittle fragments of earth.

         I ambled across the barren land with nothing but black mountains by my side. I’d seen him in the forest earlier, but had somehow managed to escape. Now, I regretted it. I shouldn’t have fled from an easy way out. He wanted to kill me. I was certain. I wished he would find me again now.

         I’d tried to remain in one place a couple of times, but my broken heart was far too restless. I needed to walk. Since the thrashing pain within me was not lethal, I refused to allow it utter power over me. Walking distracted me. Made it bearable. But walking slowly would give him a chance to catch up…

         Despite the time, the distance, the pain in my heart grew stronger. My raven hair was wound tightly atop my head. It restrained me. I ripped the pins from the spiraled locks, and allowed them to fall like a straight curtain of satin across my back.

         I felt freer. Suddenly, I acquired the urge to run.

         “Wait.” The low, patient voice stopped me in my tracks. I took a deep breath, and turned to face its owner. I almost wanted to smile at the sight.

         I could see no face beyond the midnight cloak’s hood. The sickle he carried forced some joy into my heart. But I wore nothing on my face. Nothing but emptiness---and black paint atop my lips.

         “I know my new husband sent you to kill his bride---whose heart has already been unfaithful to him. I’ve been waiting for you. So please, I beg you. Kill me now. Kill me quickly. I can no longer bear this pain!” My voice turned from emotionless. Now, it pleaded. Begged the cryptic figure to remove me from my misery.

         “No.” Being nothing of touchable matter, the word stabbed me. I wanted to yell at him. I didn’t care if it was insane. How dare he not kill me?! Couldn’t he see it was all I wanted? That all I craved was my own death?

         “Fine. If you won’t kill me, I will.” I hated him. Hated his deceptive appearance. If a girl wants something done, it’s best to do it herself.

         I turned from him, and picked up one of the long, metal pins that had just been in my hair. I directed it towards my heart.

         “Raven.” He said my name. Only one person besides my husband and myself knew it. I looked over my shoulder. His face was now visible.

         “My love…” I gasped. Three ravens’ arrivals interrupted his reply.

         “Ravens for Raven with raven hair---and a raven heart,” my husband---I knew his voice---chanted in the distance.

         “No… I don’t want to die now!”

         “No regretted desires.”

The End

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