No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

"But the accidents would be worth it." She grins against his lips and internally shouts with glee as she finally slides off his work tie. Nancy's hands work down to Jai's pants and slides back slightly to fiddle with the zipper that slightly pokes upward from his... Problem. Part of her almost wants to tease him just to get a different reaction out of him, but he went through all this trouble for this lovely evening and he DID deserve a reward after all. 

"I can do more than just rise the dead." 

She whispers for dramatic effect and the only sound afterwards is the metal teeth unclasping against dress slacks. "If that's okay with you?" The back of her hand which rests on Jai's thigh strokes slowly over the rise of here is tent is located. 

Nancy is just about to reach in for another kiss when the sound of faint howl interrupts her thoughts. She looks over at where all the trees are at in the cemetery and can't quite help but faintly snicker. "The wolves are coming to eat you, dearest." She leans and whispers again dramatically with a slightly laugh as if she's mimicking Vincent Price narrating. But then she goes back to kissing and pecking his lips as if no wolves or anything else had just happened. As far as Nancy was concerned this was a lovely evening with her lovely fiancé. Her hand slips around his shoulder and she pulls herself on top of him again, kissing him more hotly and far past rated pg-13.

The End

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