No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

At her use of the word romantic, Jai's brows raised in both surprise and victory. This whole event was truly a success, even though it wasn't exactly his vision of romance. For her, he'd block out the surrounding dead people under the ground and concentrate totally on the moment. Her lips across his face, the way her ivory skin reflected the moonlight, and how perfect their names sounded together were welcome distractions. A little making out in a graveyard? No biggie. Jai could handle this.

But then she began undressing him...

"Well, um, after awhile, putting on a tie becomes second nature, dear," he replied with a quiet, almost nervous laugh as she continued to strip him. Never would Jai Wilcox deny a lady what she wanted, but it was getting tougher to ignore the fact they were surrounded by dead people. "As for me going shirtless, do you know how many accidents that would cause?" Jai was being serious there.

There was no resistance as he returned the kiss with just as much enthusiasm, and gave in to the friction below. She knew how to push his buttons, evident by the hardness rubbing along her thigh. "Mmm... you bad girl. You raised something, but luckily it wasn't the dead." That was a terrible pun, but everyone coped with conflicting feelings in a different way. No, no, they couldn't do this in a grave yard, a part of him scolded, but was obviously overridden by the part of him that wanted his fiance no matter where or when. Hands went to run along her back, under her shirt, while the rest of him continued to attempt to resist her. This was a losing battle.

The End

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