No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

It was already bad enough put another roll of sushi in her mouth as soon as Jai started to speak, just to try to refrain herself from getting crocodile tears. But the moment she eyed the small velvet box, her mouth instantly dries up and she nearly chokes on one of the California rolls. Well, even if she did die now, she'd die happy knowing this moment really did happen. She doesn't know if she should eye the ring or look directly at Jai. Either way she was going to end up crying tears of joy/hysteria something fierce near the end of the evening. Nancy swallows the sushi roll that had been half stuck in her throat from shock. She decides to look up at Jai. The ring could easily be viewed later. 

Nancy shakes her head slightly but quickly crawls on her knees and the palms of her hands to get closer to her soon to be fiancé. The cemetery is silent aside from the rabbit-fast thump of Nancy's heart and is reminded for some reason of Edgar Allan Poe's, Tell-Tale Heart. Which makes Nancy internally giggle and snort because only she would be reminded of a story of murder when getting romantically proposed. She slowly set's both of her hands on Jai's, including the hand holding the beautiful moon sparkling ring. She looks eye to eye with him, even as she leans in even more dreadfully slow to kiss him on the lips. Said kiss only lasts for a split second before she parts away slightly and smiles wide. 

"Yes. Yes I do." After a nervous giggle and an odd flutter in her chest she goes back to placing her lips on his, fitting like a perfect puzzle piece that had been missing for who knows how long. She raises her left hand slightly during the kiss as to signal that he may slide the ring on her finger.

The End

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