No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

It was every girls dream date. She swore she was on cloud nine. Okay, so not every girl wanted a romantic picnic in the dark and spooky graveyard with their gorgeous, CIA working boyfriend. But it was Nancy's dream date, and that was all that mattered in the moment. So she skips back over to the picnic-y area and gracefully sets her body down on the plushy pillows. She first made note of the music which seemed a bit off for a romantic date, but she would give it to Jai nevertheless that he was trying his hardest to make this all about Nancy tonight, and it was adorable. 

The food was set out neatly on the blanket, arranged from the appitizers, to the main meal, then to dessert. These all of which happened to be her favorite foods. Nancy couldn't hold back a small squeal of delight and quickly took the one pair of chopsticks which were set next to the container full of California roll styled sushi. Her all time favorite kind of sushi. She pops the roll into her mouth all at once, and pushes the food against her cheek making her look like a chipmunk as she slowly chewed while listening to Jai's small speech.

She feels her face heat up when he hands her the champagne flute styled glass full of sparkling wine. Slowly while still chewing, she takes it from him and smiles embarrassingly. There was a reason people waited to eat right away at the table during parties. This was probably it. Nancy swallows the roll and then laughs shyly. She was sure her heated face had returned back to it's red/pink colors now. "H-Happy anniversary, handsome." The chopsticks were set aside for now and looks at him more focused and somewhat less shy to mirror his actions. With her glass held high next to his, she felt a fluttering feeling in her chest. It tickled, but it felt... Good.

Her old friends would of never believed Nancy if she ever said to them, 'I have butterflies for the most generous man on earth. I think I'm truly, truly in love.' Nancy had been skeptical about love at first, but now... Now she could feel it on a whole new aspect. She turns to him and takes a slight breath to say something too.

"Jai, the first moment I saw you in the ward, and I'll be honest-" Nancy laughs nervously. "I thought you were just another stupid, moneyhungry lawyer in a nice looking suit with a handsome face that just wanted to use me in court to stamp me as loony. But the moment you started talking to me... I realized that you actually cared about my wellbeing. And well- That really made me start to like you. I know my first impression wasn't the greatest, with me blowing cigarette smoke in your face..." She starts to look slightly red in the face again at the embarrassing memory. "But.. You've given me everything I've wanted throughout my whole life. Shelter. Clothing. Food. And most importantly, family. I know I don't have much to offer in return, but I can give you the one thing I've never given anyone else.. All of my love. Because I love you, Jai Wilcox. I love you so much." Nancy lets out an exhail she realized shes been holding in and smiles widely with slightly wet eyes. No. She musnt burst out crying. It would ruin her makeup.

The End

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