No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

"From now on, we won't go to any parties unless absolutely necessary. And even then, I'll hire a designer to make you a custom, black, goth style dress for you to wear to the mandatory parties. Something that's both you and ensures you fit in... And if someone still makes a remark toward you, let me know. I'll make their day, so to speak." Just the thought of getting the chance to intimidate some of those stuck up snobs pulled a grin from him. "You are my queen, and I'll ensure you're treated that way."

It was so strange how this place seemed to perk her up, and he couldn't help finding her burst of energy adorable. "Yes, food time. I'm starving." After placing a blanket down, he remembered something and rushed to the car and back again, a few pillows now in hand. "Almost forgot these." After those were down, Jai made himself comfortable on one and began arranging the food on the blanket around them. "Sandwiches, sushi, chocolate cake, and alcohol. I think we're all set." A hand patted the top of her pillow, inviting her to take a seat. Then lastly, his phone set on the blanket, playing what he thought Nancy would consider love songs - Meatloaf, slow rock ballads from 80's hair bands, and some band called Evanescence. Hopefully Jai's guesses were correct.

"In addition to what I've already told you, well... we've been together a year now, so I wanted to do something extra special for you." As he spoke, their glasses were soon filled with sparkling wine. "Yeah, I could have taken you to a fancy restaurant, but we do that all the time. So I put this together. Happy anniversary, beautiful." With that said, he held up his wine glass to her.

The End

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