No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

"Like it? Jai, I love it. You couldn't of made this evening any more perfect than it already is." She finds herself still smiling brightly and reaches up to run a hand through his curls, mirror his moments spot on. "I will admit, those parties are awfully dreadful. I can't even dress completely the way I want to without getting criticism.." 

Nancy frowns for a moment and hopes that she doesn't offend Jai or make him angry for her honest thought. For so long she had been worried that if she said something wrong, she would offend him and he would become angry with her. Nancy had become so use to his loving ways and his pampering, she didn't know what she would do if he were to simply leave. The fighting was rare between them, and she wanted it to stay that way. 

"So," She looks over at the basket that he placed on the neatly trimmed grass and smiles in an attempt to change the mood. "Shall we eat then?" Nancy looks back up and bites her lower lip as she peers into his hazel eyes. Sometimes she couldn't believe how truly lucky she was to have a man who loved her to endless pieces. She leans over his shoulder and nips the lobe of his ear slightly before sliding out of his arms and gracing over to the basket. The grin is back on her face, and she stands by the basket waiting for him as if they had just started playing tag.

The End

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