No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

At her woo comment, Jai laughed quietly. "It's a natural talent, I suppose. Really though, you haven't seen anything yet, beautiful." At that, he kissed the top of her hand that had slipped into his while the other carried the basket. The way she had beamed up at him was making this all worth it. Nancy had the most beautiful smile, so he found himself taking all the chances he could to make her show it off. This trip here, it had to have been the most unusual date he'd ever taken a woman on, but he didn't mind.

As lips returned her kisses, he led her toward the clearing he'd already picked out beforehand and set the basket down on the carpet-like, green grass. That free hand then snaked around her waist to pull her against him as he attempted not to get too carried away. Head pulling back with a grin, he finally answered her question. "Well, you're always dressing up and attending boring high class parties with me that I don't even want to go to, so this idea came to me the other day. I had a feeling you might like it. This is yourevening. We talk about whatever you want to talk about. We do whatever you want to do." His fingers moved through her hair, softly combing dark locks out of her face before he leaned in to touch the tip of his nose to hers. "So, did I do alright? You really like it?" he whispered as though sharing a secret.

The End

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