No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

So she didn't quite want to admit it, but she was majorly thrown off once he had pulled into the gravely roads. The sight was actually quite comforting for her. Dark, brooding and quiet, just the way Nancy liked it. It looked just like the good old days where Nancy would hang around with just her pack of cigarettes, possibly scare some town locals that were around too. She might of also been a little speechless at the fact that Jai would actually take her here. 

No, no, she was beyond impressed. But it just didn't seem like his kind of thing. She looks over at him with slightly wide eyes as he placed his hand on her leg. "Wha?-" Her eyes follow him around to the passenger side of the car and slowly gets out once he opens the door. She slowly reaches out for his free hand and shuts the car door behind her with the other. "I think you've gone to great lengths to woo me, Mr. Wilcox... It's working.." Nancy looks at the dark cemetery quickly before looking back at him with the widest smile she could possibly manage. 

"What made you want to come here this evening?" She manages her voice to a soft and pleased purr as she tilts her head up to give short soft kisses on his lips. Her other hand that wasn't holding his slides up upon his chest slowly to trace the outlines of his tie. It seemed she was very, very pleased with him bringing them out here for their romantic evening.

The End

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