No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

The pressing of soft lips to his cheek brought out another smile. Of course he knew this would impress her, and she hadn't even seen where he was taking her yet. At the implication the park wasn't fun, he raised a brow and side-eyed her, smile turning into a smirk. For some reason, he had known she didn't care for the park but was too nice to admit it. "No, no, not the park. I think you'll find this place fun though... And don't worry about it. I know how to get lipstick out of anything."

It wasn't long before the car slowed and the ride became bumpy, gravel echoing underneath and pinging the metal every now and then. There were weeping willows lining the side of the road until finally they arrived at a clearing where the car came to a halt. The surrounding area was filled with tombstones as far as the eyes could see as well as older buildings which also might have contained caskets; Jai wasn't sure as his research only went as far as to ensure the atmosphere was probably to Nancy's liking.

"Here we are," he said in a casual tone as he patted her leg before hopping out to carry the basket and wine, all the while watching for her expression. "Well, what do you think?" With his empty hand, he opened her door for her. Hopefully this was a good idea; he'd know in a second.

The End

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