No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

At her question, Jai gave a knowing smirk. "Jinx now has an automatic water bowl. Not only will it refill automatically, but it filters the water as well." Anyone living under Jai's roof would live like royalty, even the pets. "So don't worry about the fluffball. This evening is for you."

At this hour, the streets were almost deserted as the work traffic had come and gone. "I promise this will be nothing like a school trip though. And you certainly won't have to worry about the sun, as you can see." Head nodded towards the sunset, which was just finishing, leaving nothing but shades of orange and purple behind. "It's beautiful... just like you," he admitted sweetly while reaching over to take her hand.

This idea wasn't entirely his own though, but Jai wasn't sure if he should admit it or not. Did it matter where the idea came from? If she asked, he would tell though. By now, Nancy might have noticed they were leaving town, crossing the city limits sign. There was a place in the country that would not only be private, but the architecture was old and would set the mood perfectly. Not his idea of a mood, but one that she would definitely love. This was for her, after all. "I packed your favorite sandwiches and chocolate cake, by the way."

The End

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