No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

"Sorry if I got any scratches on the car again this time..." Nancy sheepishly smiles as she hands Jai the keys to the car, and starts to head back into the house. But then freezes when her handsome boyfriend asks her to get into the passengers side with all of the kindness that she assumed he possessed. 

"O-Oh, are we going somewhere tonight?" She was a bit surprised considering how it was starting to get dark out. But she did as he said and walked back around the vehicle to get on the other end of the drivers side. After putting on her seat belt and waiting for him to get in to start the car, she noticed the basket and the bottle of wine in the back seat, making her smile to herself. 

"Do school field trip lunches count?" Nancy looks up at Jai and tries to make a serious face, but ends up snorting with a small laugh. "No. No I've never been on a picnic. I hate how the sun is always trying to either burn me to a crisp or blind me to death." She takes her small black purse that had been on her shoulder this whole time and opens it up to gussy up for whatever the gorgeous man had in mind. 

"You left some water out for Jinx, right?" She turns to look at Jai for a second, waiting for a (hopefully good) reply.

The End

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