No Ordinary Outing ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and NancyMature

Jai tries his best to impress his girlfriend, Nancy, not only with the (unusual) surroundings but with a question.

 If there was one event Jai could decently cater on his own, it was a picnic, and right now he was putting the finishing touches on the chicken sandwiches. Really, this was child's play compared to disarming a bomb. Although, it wasn't nearly as exciting. With a yawn, he placed all the food - which also included a chocolate cake - inside the oversized, cliche picnic basket before picking out the wine that would be joining in on this trip as well. If anyone could make sandwiches appear classy, it was Jai.

With that taken care of, he peered out the window. Nancy would be back any moment with the sushi that would compliment the meal. Even though he'd already planned for the delicacy to join the sandwiches inside the basket, that trip also served as busywork to keep Nancy occupied. She had no clue that Jai was going to take her out; as far as she knew, they were just going to have the usual sushi meal together at home. Not today though. The beautiful woman had done so much for him - turning his big empty house into a home, among other things - that he wanted to return the favor. Yeah, he could easily have taken her to any high class restaurant in the surrounding area, but something more personal was in order tonight.

Finally the roar of the engine echoed through the garage as Jai watched with held breath and clenched teeth, hoping that Nancy's driving skills had improved since he last gave her the keys to his car. There didn't appear to be any new scratches, so with a relieved smile he walked over to wrap arms around her. "Welcome back, beautiful. If you'll take a seat on the passenger's side, I'll load the car. I have a little surprise for you today." With that said, he brought out the basket and wine to set them in the back seat, complete with seat belt latched over them. No way was he going to take a chance at his fine catering toppling over.

After locking the house door, he hopped into the driver's seat to begin backing out of the driveway. "Have you ever been on a picnic before, dear?" Even if she had, she probably wouldn't have went on one quite like he was planning this evening. There was a tiny bit of hesitation about where he was taking her, but Jai pushed that aside. There was logically nothing to be afraid of and he knew this... Still, in the back of his mind there was a nagging feeling of dread.

The End

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