No Ordinary MindMature

Charlie Cake is a fifteen year old boy with a special talent, or a curse. He can remember everything since he was born. Every minute detail of his life, stored away in his mind and there's people would do some crazy things to get their hands on him.

One question. What am I? No, I do not mean 'who am I' or 'where am I'. I simply want to know what I am. For most children they are a single soul made out of the love between two people in a moment of passion. What if your not made of love? What if your made out of hate or anger? What if you never find out what you are? Are you destined to a life of solitude, lonliness and hatred for yourself?

It was October 12th when I was concieved. The time was two minutes past midnight. At three minutes past midnight I was taken from my mother. It was unfamiliar so I screamed. I remember the screaming vividly. I remember the lonlieness that swept over my infant body. I was taken because I knew and I could remember. Anyone who could remember was taken. There was no police involved, but why would there be when there was no one who loved us to miss us? The one and only thing I heard my mother say as I left her body was 'get that bastard away from me'.                                I'm reminded of this every single day.

I am fifteen years old and my appellation is Charlie Cake. I live in a foster home with five other boys. I don't have any family or anyone who loves me. There is something quite unusual about me you ought to know. I can remember everything, since I was born. I remember the blue shirt with the chocolate stain on it that I wore to the cinema on the 4th of July 2005. Some might say I have a photographic memory but I know it's more than that. I am here for a reason, we all are. It's just that mine is more important.

The End

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