My friend told me a story about a girl who hung herself in school because she was being bullied. She said that the girl haunts the school, she wanders, weeping, lost and upset. I didn't believe her, I mean surely that was a load of poo, no-one would want to wander around school for all of eternity?

When I was in maths I stared out the window while trying to ingnore the bulying coming from behind me.

I saw a girl, she was verry pretty, about my age and wore a scruffier version of our uniform. She noticed I saw and waived, smiling. Then she glared pointed behind me and resumed smiling I heard a crash behid me and turned to see the bullies fall off their chairs and hit their heads on the desks.

I turned back to the girl with my mouth opened but she just smiled at me for a long second. It was then that I saw the red grazing around her neck, red grazing that looked like rope burn.....

The End

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