No One Would Believe MeMature

Groomed and sexually abused by two brothers, Eddy felt he couldn't tell a soul what his father and uncle were doing to him.

The whole town thought they were saints, everyone. My Dad was a child psychologist, he helped abused and mentally unstable children. He also ran an youth club for children from families on the bread line and mentor for children which special needs. He would take them out once a week and help them with bulling and home problems. Everyone loved him and said how lucky I was to have such a kind Dad. My uncle, his brother, was a child doctor. He was also a Scout Leader and ran the local Sunday School. Machen is a small place so everyone knows everyone, and everyone knew my Dad and uncle and said what wonderful saints they were.

I remember the first time it happened. It was my fourth birthday. My Dad had spoiled me all day and had even taken the day off work. Then something wierd happened.

"Hey Eddie, did you have a good birthday?" Robert asked, he was on his knees with his back was pressed against mine and his hand around my waist. It felt weird being held like this, I didn't like how close my Dad was to me.

"Yes Daddy." I answered.

"That's good." Robert said, then he picked me up and took off my jeans and pants. He sat down on the sofa with me on his lap and his hand still around my waist. "your such a good boy Eddy" he whispered to me "your such a pretty little boy". I nodded. I didn't know what else to do. Robert started to stroke my arms and back and tickled my stomach. I couldn't help but giggle. I had no idea of the dark plans that he or my uncle had in store for me, how could I? I was only four.

Once he was done stroking my arms and back and having me sit on his lap with my pants on he carried me upstairs and take off my shirt and put me a warm bubble bath. It felt nice. Robert then started to wash me with a warn fannel, that didn't suprise me. It was normal for my Dad or my Mum to wash me.

"Now Eddy, don't tell Mummy what Daddy did earlier okay? It'll be our little secret." Robert said.

"Okay Daddy." I said, I didn't know why he didn't want my Mum to know. Now I do, because it was wrong. My answer seemed to please him though; he put down the fannel and started to put his hands over my body, rubbing and stroking everywhere. I didn't know what he was doing at the time, know I realise he was touching me up. He touched me up also when he dyed me with a towel and got me dressed and told me to go play.

I didn't realise that my life was about to change forever.

The End

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