17 year old Jannie Farrior, she lives with her brother Merek in the small town in South Jersey ( I have not chosen where it will set) where they live peaceful in their parent's house near the boarder of the reservation. Their peaceful lives of remembrance and happiness is thrown into chaos. When Jannie begins to have reoccurring dreams that haunt her every sleeping and waking moment. Rumors of strange beast being sighted in local communities are on the rise can she handle it all...


It breathes, the misty ground, covering the roots of the tree inhabitants within, this ancient forest spans the life of man and the creatures of earth that inhabit it.

The trees grow their arms reaching, struggling to try and touch the seemingly dark sky above. Its silence almost serene as if eternity itself lived within every bark, and every leaf. Shadows swell among the base of the forest, the clouds covering the power that reaches to touch earth. But as the clouds gently seemingly float above, flowing like water over the earth, eventually pulls back letting the great power, the moon, take its place in the sky.

As the Moon shines brightly on the forest, revealing and hiding places once hidden and shown in the light of the day. A nearby stream's water ripples to show little waves, where fish of beautiful silver scales swim. The moon’s beauty glittering off their hides shining almost as if they crystalized diamonds in the rock. Elk whose age spans thousands of years take shelter within the ancient woody structures of this breathing terrain and the wind itself sings a soft song to the earth its lover, as it dances about the forest. Blowing leaves to join in its dance across the earth. Adjoining the warmth of the forest floor and the green lives, into beautiful swirls of colors that rises into the sky before coming to a standstill, flushing it’s components to the ground once more. Carrying upon its arms, a soft presence of peace that only is known in the vastness of space above.

Peace takes upon a soft form, a blinding light that pierces the trees, itself. Its train filled with glittering eyes that reveals truths beyond reality, its hair floating aimlessly around it, like a glowing mane untamed by force. As the wings dragged upon the ground, in its wake its very presence causing plants that was once there to die and newer ones to be born. As if creation and death was it’s very cells.

The wind dances about it, kissing its hand and head, praising and worshipping the being calling for the other creations to look upon the creature. In turn for those who showed, it gently kisses their lips, before it is swept up into the clouds above. In return forced back as cool breeze that scatters the earth, silence consumes and darkness sweeps over the land, aging and death comes to a cease as life is withheld

Death envelopes the forest, swallowing the creatures one by one, leaving only peace in physical form, the glimmer of life standing beside a pool of water.

As once what seemed good and hopeful becomes death. Nothing calls out, nothing calls its name, peace no longer for those who breath but for those who survive. The creatures do not search for mercy or help, but rather accept the fate that has been handed to them.

 It was as if space suddenly hushed up the voices of Terra itself.

 The creature walks out onto the surface of the water, not even a ripple formed from its wake, a cold light glows brightly under its feet as it stood there. Staring up at the clouds, even the sky obeyed it’s will, as clouds rolled back like a scroll revealing the moon that glimmered like a beam of hope for those who were still alive.

Allowing its light to be the only thing the creature permits to live, earth itself seemed to disappear around it. As the moon refracted in the creature's presence, making its body shimmer with colors the eyes cannot see. Its wings opened up to show its face that even made the clouds scatter in fear. Beauty that could not be described, power that could not do harm and yet it was soft like a lambs coat. Nothing alive or dead could touch such a creature, nothing could look upon its face, mysteries that could never be solved, lies that could never stand.

It face glowed the sun in the morning and the moon at night, it was the face of life and death wrapped up into one.  But something dared to see this creature, something had dared to approach it with fear in its heart. As Peace turned it came to look within a particular cloud of shadows, where destruction seemed to take physical form, as it stepped towards it, there it found another creature much like itself but darker. At its side a shadow disappeared behind it, as it slinked along the shadows watching, leaving its companion to deal with the light. Its body was of chaos, of destruction and wrath, the other was as well, but it hides it head from its touch. The creature riddled with its own insanities wandered closer to peace, as it stretched out its hand. His own singed in the light of the creature, it yowled as it drew back, angered it charges at it to attack but was once again unable to penetrate the light that shines from Peace. Yowling it stood there in the darkness, shifting from side to side unable to keep its balance. Its companion took a charge as well but was met with a wave of force that permeated from Peace, knocking it back against the trees.


The smaller creature, ran as it hide once again, though most would run and hide the other did not.

This thing, this being, seemed to be failing in health, with a hunch in its back, its eyes covered in puss, riddled with sores upon its body, it was full of sin and sickness. The being panted, gasping for breath as if death had sat upon its shoulder waiting for it to die. But the most surprising part was the markings upon its frame, carved into it’s very flesh was unspoken words, curses that lived the centuries beyond the creation of earth. Gazing into peace, it’s eyes held a dim but beautiful glimmer, beyond the darkness that shined past the rotting flesh that housed its soul. The sinful creature reached its hand towards Peace, walking towards in a last attempt to gain access into Peace’s world. Though the body was not able to, its hand slowly decomposing as it came towards the lighter half. Somehow the light within the beings eyes grew brighter with each push. The being began to speak, at first all that came out of its mouth was dust, but soon words could be heard. Words that no tongue can utter, that no creature could call as it seemed to be calling Peace’s true name, its name before all names.

Nearing Peace’s face, Peace’s wings swept open upon each side like blades they sliced through the air, as what once seemed beautiful became terrifying. Peace’s form changed as it becomes desire.

Staring intently at its desire, the being is overcome with darkness as he is pushed back slowly beyond. But a gentle hand, covered in light touches the beings wrist, desire, life, peace all in one. Hold’s tightly to the being, as the light from its hand spread over the being, at first afraid it goes to pull away but it is too late. Light in its eyes grow cold, burned like a fire. Staring into very soul of sin, judging its worthiness, a darkness lingering behind light of holiness.

Sin screams out in pain, reaching up it goes to claw at Peace’s face, but the touch only cracks the skin, shattering as if it were glass. It bursts like hot glass when touched with cold water, splintering off and disappears.

Sin pants as it looks around wondering where, Peace went when it looks down at it’s hand covered in light. Panicking it tries to tear it off, but the light slowly grows over the body of sin, consuming him as if it was a new hide. Sin screams out, falling to its knees, as it watches the light embedded into its body, becoming something of both worlds. Wings pierces through the skin, changing the figure of the being but darkness consumes its wings cutting it off from its body.

The wings fall to the ground, though the light within them do not stop, from the severed ends the wings adjoin forming itself together into a small ball. Silence falls, as sin sits alongside the pool gasping as it stares at its new form in the water. Looking over it sees, a body has now appeared from the severed ends of the wings, as it rises, its face glowing like Peace and yet upon its body are the carvings of sin.

Rising to its feet the winged creation looks up into the sky, before gazing upon sin. But a growl interrupts them. A creature appears from the shadows wearing upon its back, jet black hair that allows it to hide in the darkness. Sin calls out to it, warmth within its eyes but the companion does not respond. It only stands there staring upon its friend, stepping closer  its eyes changes, what once was now is no longer there. Something hides in the darkness of its eyes, something even its companion, sin, knows. As it roars for its voice tears through the air, chilling the very ground beneath its feet.

But the winged being steps in front, roaring back as it defensively protects Sin. Sin calls for the creature, trying to push the creation aside, but its carvings burn keeping Sin away from the creation and its companion. The creation picks up sin, as it walks out into the water, spreading its wings that floods its feathers with air, taking off into the sky. Sin is carried off upon the wind, leaving its companion in the darkness where light was stolen by Peace. Only hearing the howl of its companion left behind.

 It roars for its companion, though its voice is now a distant stranger to its friend…

The End

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