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Life As We Knew It

The text is very entertaining, and I like those kind of things. The characters are adapting quickly, they are prepared for almost anything that the world has to offer. In Life As We Knew It the world is coming to an end, people are preparing like its 2012.People are robbing killing possibly to get what they want, I believe that is wrong in every single way. Like I said the Earth is dying but not from the Moon, one of the main  problems is pollution, and we have not tried to stop it. My views weren't changed, in my opinion people don't need to murder, they just need to say please. The world is important to me, if the world is destroyed, I'm dead and so is everybody else, I don't like people dying. Life As We Knew It is a great work of art, it is suspenseful and cool. I would be prepared with two people.

The End

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