No More Words

A story on how life can change us.


Things that begin always have an end...


I wake up to a string of light flooding in through my drapes. I stare up at the harsh light for a moment, letting my sea blue eyes adjust to it. With a sleepy grin, I sit up and yawn. The clock blinks in a deep crimson the numbers 7:00.

Wow, I woke up earlier than usually.” I fling my legs off my bed, making them land on the cold morning floor. I stretch, reaching towards the ceiling. With a sigh of relief, I stand up and walk out of the room. Once in the hallway I can already smell the alluring aroma of eggs and toast. I shuffle into the kitchen and am instantly attacked by my mother.

Happy Birthday!” She laughs. I hug her back, giggling along with her.

Thank you! I can't believe I'm already 15!” I say nonchalantly as I sit down. Mom smiles at me and slides a freshly made omelet onto my plate. I slice the egg into little squares and spear my fork into one. I raise it to my mouth and bite into it. “Mm, this is really good.” I mumble to myself.

I can't believe it either,” Mom agrees as she begins cleaning up. “ I just wish you didn't have to celebrate your birthday in a different town from your friends.” She whines to a plate. I beam a reassuring smile and continue eating.

Mom and I just recently moved into a smaller apartment after the death of my late father. It's cozier than our big empty house but it's a few hours away from my school, so I'm transferring over to a new one today. The town itself is different from the noisy city we lived in before. Way calmer with a whole lot more scenery that I'm use too. I wonder if we'll be able to adjust to such a different change.

Anna!” Mom exclaims suddenly. “ If you don't hurry up, you'll be late for your first day at your new school.”

Oh crap!” I jump up and run out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I burst into my room with such strength that I end up tripping over my own feet. I crash to the floor with a loud BANG.

Be more careful.” Mom hollers up to me. With tears in my eyes from embarrassment, I get up and start getting ready. I run a comb through my tangled hair while trying to deiced what outfit to wear. I end up with a black skirt, a purple stripped sweater accompanied with black leather boots and black knee high socks. I check in the mirror, making sure I wasn't missing anything. I quickly brush my teeth and wash my face before heading out the door with my bag around my shoulder.

Good luck on your first day!” Mom waves goodbye to me as I go running up the winding hill.

I can't believe this school starts at eight sharp.” I mutter to myself. The morning air snips at my bare skin as the light clouds emerge through the cool sky. Store owners are starting to open up, calling out 'Good morning!' to random people passing by. A slight blush appears on my face. People are so nice here. I think while staring at my feet as I walk to a crosswalk.

A sudden car goes flying past making me lose balance. I'm flying through the air, about to collide into another car. Someone catches me and pulls me back just in time. The driver bangs his hand against the horn as he continues driving by. I sigh in relief before glancing at my rescuer.

There stood a boy with hair that looked almost white it was so blond, with emerald green eyes that glare out towards the drivers direction. He towers over me as he holds onto my waist with a tight grip. He looked older than me by a number of years.

Bastard.” He mutters under his breath. My face is on fire as I gaze at the boy. He notices my stare and scuffs. “Be more careful next time, Kid.” With that he releases me and walks away. Strangers that witnessed the scene start to break apart, whispering to each other, gawking at me as I stand there dumbstruck.

Maybe this town isn't that different from the city than I thought...



Right this way, Ms. Taylor.” My new homeroom teacher, Mr. Jackson, is showing me the way to our classroom all the way from the office.

Yes, sir.” I say timidly. He leads us through many hallways and staircases. The school is big, to my surprise. “ Um, Mr. Jackson?” I manage to stagger out.


I noticed there aren't many lockers around. Why is that?” Mr. Jackson stops and looks over his shoulder at me. His features are gentle and his curly black hair shakes as he scratches it while he thinks of an answer.

I guess you could say that our student body isn't that big. Our campus is magnificent in many ways but with such a low population it's hardly used for its purposes.” He laughs a bit and I am taken aback by how youthful his face looks. With a kind smile, he places his hand on the small of back and softly pushes me forward. “Let's go! We don't want to be late, do we?”



I stand with my back to the door, as I was told to wait outside until he got the class settled down. I hear a bundle of voices speaking over each other as everyone slowly begin to end their conversations. My heart tightens a bit. I want to make friends at this school. I clutch at my torso, and try to zone out the noise. I want to be happy at this school. I want a to start anew.

Suddenly the door opens and out pops out Mr. Jackson's head.

We're ready for you now!” He whispers excitedly. I nod and take a deep breath before taking a step in. Once inside, I'm slammed in by the number of stares burning into me. My eyes look over my new surroundings. It's a normal classroom, with rows of desks facing the front, large windows that look out to the courtyard and some bookshelves in the back with old textbooks. I swallow and look over at Mr. Jackson.

“This is Anna Taylor.” He announces to the class with a confident voice. “She recently transferred over from the city and isn't familiar with the school grounds, so could someone show her around...?” A number of hands spring up. A blush flares up and a smile lands on my lips. “During your break, of course.” He finishes with an taunting smile. I watch as some hands go falling down along with the rooms excitement.

Please, somebody... I plead in my head. One hand is still high up in the air in the end.

Yes, Katy! Can you please show her around?”

No problem!” Confirms a cheerful voice. I look around until I meet the eyes of this so called Katy. Her petite face shines with a big grin as she twirls her already wavy nutmeg hair. Her big eyes twinkle as she winks over at me. She is as cute as a doll. I can't help but smile back at her.

Anna, chose a seat where ever you'd like to sit.”

T-Thank you.” I stutter. The class bursts out again in conversations as I sit down in a seat by the window.

With that, let Homeroom begin!” Yells out Mr. Jackson.



At the end of class, I'm packing up my books back into my bag when I feel someone tap my shoulder. I look over and find Katy leaning down, giggling by my side.

Oh, hey!”

Yahoo.” She coos. “Ready to the tour?” She places her chin on my shoulder so that her face is inches away from me. I flip my head in the opposite direction and nod, trying to hide my embarrassed face. “Aw, you're so cute!” She laughs as she grabs my hand and drags me out of the classroom.

Once we hit the hallways, she starts pointing out the different classrooms, naming what subject is taught in which and what teacher is assigned to it. Throughout the tour, without even realizing, our hands continue to stay in twine with each other. By the time we reach the courtyard, I finally notice and pull away. Katy looks over at me with a shocked face, her eyes gazing up through their long lashes. I grimace.

Sorry, didn't realize we were still holding hands.” I mumble while looking the other way. I couldn't believe I did something so stupid, and on the first day! She probably thinks I'm a freak now. Katy stays quiet for a moment until she reaches over and grabs my hand again.

It's not like I was embarrassed by it. Who cares if we're sixteen and still holding hands. It's a nice thing to do with your friends.” Instantly a feverish blush appears again across my face once she mentions the word 'Friends.' I was too happy to say anything.

Actually I'm a little younger than you. I just turned fifteen today.” I state as we walk through the courtyard. Katy stops again only to jump on me. “Wha?! What is it, Katy?” I yell as she buries her face into my stomach.

Happy Birthday!” She exclaims loudly. I hug her back. A smile forcing it's way on my face.

T-t-thank you very much!” Katy flips her piece of her hair out of her eyes and beams at me.

From over Katy's head, I notice him. The boy from before, siting on a bench with another boy. “Hey, Katy. Who are those guys over there?” I say, pointing him out from the crowd. Katy turns around and looks over him. A small laugh escapes from her mouth. “That's Ian Clake and the one beside him is Craig Bade.” I watch as the one known as Craig, steals a sip from Ian's drink, resulting in a smack on the side of his head.

Ian is famous in this school.” Katy sighs as she leans against a tree. “He isn't very sociable but girls love him for his image; the troubled one.” I cock an eyebrow over at her. “ His parents are well known, as they are very important in this little town.”

Oh.” Is all I could think of too say.

He is really mysterious. He doesn't talk too much to anyone but Craig.”

The bell signals all of us to hurry back to class, but I stay still, as I watch Ian get up and catch up with Craig. I want to know more about Ian. What he's like, why he's so withdrawing, who his parents are. I want to know everything.

...Think always of that and you will live on.

The End

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