no more valueMature


She stood there with the tears rolling down her face. He continued to talk to her. Once he finished talking he put his head down and the looked up at her and tried to hug her, "I'm sorry."

She pushed him away before he could put his arms around her. She began her sarcastic laugh, "You're sorry, huh. That's great, well I'm glad you're sorry, but what is your sorry doing for me right now? Hey if you want to leave that is great but don't ever tell someone that you're not like the rest because you are just like them. You spit your words and games but in your words hold no more value then your sorry do." He turned to walk away with his head held down.

She began to get louder, "Next time don't say all that shit, next time just tell them that this isn't going to be anything, so don't get caught up in it. So you don't have to worry about "saying you're sorry"."

With that looked back and walked out the door. "I really am sorry."

She walked to the door, pushed him out, slammed it, and locked the door.

The End

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