No More Tomorows

Hi. My name’s Brielle Sage.


I died last year.



Duh, duh, duh! Ok, I’m done being all mystical and scary now. But seriously, I did die.


We won’t talk about how until later though, alright?


Well since I died, a lot has happened. (Never thought I’d say that… hmmm… weird.)


Apparently some people think I wasn’t supposed to die yet, but no worries, there’s no bitterness over a lost chance at life; I’ve accepted it.


But some of my loved ones haven’t.


Here’s the list of the people I left behind who truly knew me and loved me and who aren’t over me dying.

·          My little sister, Bren, whatta sweetie

·          My first (and last… and only…) true love Brian

·          My lovely aunt Charolette

·          And my best friends, Michaela and Hally


It’s also the list of people that need to be ok with me dying before I can finally rest. Ahhh doesn’t that sound wonderful? I can finally stop worrying! Finally just be… done.


I know what you’re thinking! Depressing right? This crazy chick doesn’t want people to be all choked up about her dying! But honestly, when you get to this point, all you want is to have your loved ones happy and to live (wait bad word choice… I guess, “unlive” would work better? Is that a word?)


So I’ve devised a plan to help them. Let’s pray it works. On days that all have a certain significance to the person and me, I will show myself to them as I was when I was alive, and I will tell them exactly what happened to me and why I had to die. Hopefully it’ll speed up the process.


This will be a short recount, only a few chapters. I’m going to write about my meeting with them, then ask each of them to write about their experience with the me that isn’t really there anymore, that way you get to see their feelings instead of hearing my boring thoughts the whole time…


Oh. And finally, at the very end, I’ll tell you all exactly how I died.

The End

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