I Have an Announcement.

"In conclusion, I would like to announce that AP English will be held in the library due to the accident on friday. That you, and have a Magnificent Monday!" Principal Wilmot announced over the P.A system. I had to head off to the Library, and seeing as my locker is on the other side of the school, well this would be a problem. Although, how can you be irritated when the cutest boy in school is going to kiss you in 2 minutes! 2 minutes? Great. I  had to fast walk through the halls. I was being given odd stares. Maybe because everyone hates me, and maybe because I had a red wig, fake mermaid tail, and purple sea shell bra on. I held my head down, and ran the rest of the way to english. 

"Okay, um. . . David and Valerie next!" Mrs. Langford said clapping her hands encouragingly. I hopped up as if a lightening bolt his the under side of my chair. David got up as well and escorted me to the front of the class. I smiled, and I could feel my cheeks become red, and hot. 

"Mrs. Langford!" Sydney said looking at me directly in the eye. Uh oh. She's going to delay our performance again! 

"Can you tell us a little more abou. . ." I breathed hard then out it came.

"Sydney burned down the classroom, along with Maggie and Alexis." took a deep breath and felt dizzy and faint. I could see the puzzled looks on everyone's faces, and the death stares coming from Maggie and Alexis but Sydney's stare was more of a run-or-I-will-kill-you stare.

"Valerie, that is a very precise accusation." Mrs. Langford said motioning to Sydney, Maggie and Alexis with her fingers. 

"Maggie is this true?" Mrs. Langford said leaning into Maggie's flawless skin and sparkling brown eyes. Maggie leaned back to consult with Sydney.

"What do I say?" Maggie asked hoping that Mrs. Langford wouldn't hear her.

"The plan! We discussed this! remember? Tell her a lie! like, We did not burn down her classroom." Sydney said winking on the word "not" pushing Maggie forward a little bit.

"Well?" Mrs. Langford said.

"Tell her a lie. like, we did not burn down the classroom." Maggie said winking on the word not, just like Sydney had.

"I am very disappointed in you girls." Mrs. Langford said marching the girls towards the principals office. I smiled for a second, but the bell rang kids dashed out of the classroom, and I stood alone. Tears trickled down my cheeks. Even by stopping Sydney I missed out with David. Again. I sat down under the library desk and pulled out a flower. Only one problem, there were no more petals. 

The End

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