Break A Leg! Literally.

I had finally recovered from the shock of David and I reenacting The Kiss the Girl scene from The Little Mermaid. David had asked me if I wanted to get together after school on Tuesday. I immediately replied yes, and off we were. We sat around a little table in the back corner of the library. He read his part then I read mine, although How could I pay attention to our project when his sparkling eyes shot out at my like an arrow, and my heart was the bulls-eye. After we read lines, he gave me a sincere look of happiness and I exchanged it with a flirty giggle. We both put down our books as I shuffles subtly beside him.

"I think we have the lines down really well!" David said encouragingly. 

"Totally." I agreed. We both knew that we wanted to talk about the kiss, but it never came up. I was just going to have to wait until English Class. 

I woke up extra early Monday morning to get ready for school. I grabbed my costume and ran through my lines swiftly as I headed towards the door. David and I had agreed to meet before school to practice one more time before English class. Through Math and Art I waited. Every time the clock ticked I felt my heart pound a little harder which made me excited and happy. Soon the bell would ring, and I would be in Davids arms. Only this bell, was not the one I wanted. I was daydreaming as usual when I heard an incessant screeching from the hallway teenagers flying down the hallways to the nearest exit. I looked around searching for the nearest exit. Everything was a blur. The only thing I could make out from the mob was three girls standing outside the doors with a pack of matches in their pockets. Who would want to light the school on fire? That didn't matter right now. I needed to get out of here. I flowed out the gym doors with the mob of students onto the field. I saw Mrs. Langford weeping outside the school doors. 

"What's wrong?" I asked sincerely patting her on the back trying my hardest not to be awkward. 

"My classroom. It's g. . .gone" She cried. It all made sense now. I backed away slowly and walked towards the three girls with the warm matches in their pockets. I brushed by them to make out their faces. Sydney. Alexis. Maggie. They burned down the English room to stop me from kissing David? That was low. Even for them. I stood in the middle of the school yard stunned and worried about everything. Mrs. Langford, My english project, and how I was going to announce to everyone Sydney burned down the english classroom.

The End

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