Go on and Kiss the Girl

English Class. The best part of the day. I was so close to David, I could almost feel him.

"We will be starting our new novel study of The Little Mermaid!" Mrs. Langford said excitedly. She always gets excited about new books, especially the classics.

"I'm going to let all of you read at your own pace, but try to finish in a minimum of 2 weeks. I wanted to let all of you know about your project for this book, in partners, I will assign each of you a part from the book, and you will reenact it with a modern twist." Mrs. Langford said enthusiastically. I glanced at Sydney as she wheedled David into being her partner. 

"I will be assigning the groups Sydney," Mrs.Langford said in a tone that said hands-and-feet-and-lips-to-self. I sat up straight and waited patiently for my partners name. I hoped it would be David, but one can never be sure. 

"Sydney and Josh, Ella and Steven, James and Sean, Lilly and Mike," I waited with my toes, fingers and legs crossed as I waited for my name to be called.

"Valerie and David,"  My jaw dropped. Was I dreaming or did she just call on my name, the concluded her phrase with the name of the boy that I have loved ever since I was in grade one.

"Everyone get together and I will hand out your part," David turned around and sat casually on his chair like a horse. His eyes sparkled, and If I looked hard enough I could see my reflection in them. Hid white teeth smiled like a fresh snow fall, and his hair fell in front of his one eye making him look voluptuous and sweet.

"Hey Val," Val? That's adorable! My parents call me Val sometimes, but when David says it, it sounds so much better.

"Valerie and David, you two will be reenacting the part when Eric and Ariel are in the boat and Sebastian is encouraging Eric to kiss Ariel. It is quite the romantic scene, please portray that in your scene. 

"Not a problem." David said smiling looking deep into my eyes. I had to pull back from kissing him. Soon I would though, and that kiss will be the part of my world.


The End

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