Strike Three

I stared at the red letters on my digital clock, 6:15. The party was coming up fast, and I needed to be ready. I dried my hair and pinned my bangs off my face. I straightened my long brown hair and tied it in a ponytail. I threw on jeans and a gray t-shirt. I put on a little mascara and some lip gloss too. I didn't focus so much on appearance because I needed to be equipped the right way in case Sydney strikes. I put an umbrella, rain jacket and some extra clothes in a bag in case Sydney uses water. I also put tide to go in a bag in case she uses something that could ruin my clothes. I was all ready to go. I set my bag down and took a flower out of my vase, and began to pluck off the petals one by one, He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he lov. . . 

"Val! Are you ready to go?" My mom yelled from the stairs. I looked at the clock, 7:55. I set the flower down on my bed and stuffed the plucked petals in a shoebox, where I kept all of my love petals. The box had assortments of petals, and in the center was a picture of David. I smiled at him, then shut the lid on the box and ran downstairs.

"Ready!" I said hopping into the front seat of my moms car. It was silent for most of the ride until we turned onto Sydney's street. 

"Now remember, no drinking, no smoking and no doing drugs." My mom was a super worry wart. That's one of the reason I loved her so much. 

"Okay I know!" I said kissing my mom on the cheek and stepping onto Sydney's gorgeous estate. I watched my mom drive away then stepped into Sydney's mansion. It was huge. There was a doorman waiting on every guest, and a chef making food, there were waiters and entertainers! I felt like I was at a gala more then a high school party. I stepped into the backyard and realized that it was a gala! I had never been to a high school party, I had only seen them in movies, so I dressed casually like most people would, but this was not a t-shirt and jeans kind  of party. It was more like a extravagant dress and silk gloves kind of party. I saw Sydney. So this was her game? Inviting all of her fancy friends to her house, and me, then humiliating me in front of all of them? Wow. I thought she was more diabolical then that. I shrugged it off then went over to sit at my assigned table. The speeches were about to start, and I wanted to see Sydney's face when she discovers that I'm not the least bit discouraged abut not coming in the proper attire. 

"Welcome everyone to Sydney's Night of Dreams! An exclusive party where we celebrate everyone's popularity!" I sat and copied everyones gestured. I wouldn't want to stand out. I listened to Sydney rave about her glory, when I thought, maybe Sydney isn't that bad, beside the fact that she is dating David, she isn't totally terrible.

"Now we would like to continue with our tradition, we would like to pick the guest of the night!" Sydney said flashing her white teeth to everyone.

"Where is, Valerie Garcia! Valerie are you there?" I shot up with excitement, Sydney thought I was special! Better yet, the guest of the night! I ran up to the stage and hugged Sydney tight. 

"Thank you so much! So, what special privileges do I get for being the guest of the night?" I asked enthusiastically. 

"First you must put on the suit!" It was basically a wet suit that was bedazzled, but whatever, I shrugged my shoulders and slipped into it. 

"Now you must enter The Box of Glory" It basically looked like a gold framed Uh-Oh! box. I questioned it for a moment, then when I saw David walk into the garden with an adorable black tux on I stepped in fast. I wanted to impress him. 

"GO!" Sydney screamed from outside the box. I looked upwards, questioning what was going on. A latch opened, and all the leftover food from the night piled in the box, it smelled disgusting and it felt disgusting. I was mortified. I screamed aloud, and David ran up onto the stage. I peeled food leftover of my face and held back tears why trying to eavesdrop on Sydney and Davids conversation. 

"Sydney what the hell are you doing?" David sounded so forceful, I heard footsteps and the back door of the box opened up and David stood there. This wasn't exactly the outfit I wanted to be in when David would rescue me. I ran out of the box and on to the front lawn of Sydney's house. I called my mom to come pick me up. I sat there for probably five minutes then saw my moms blue jeep. I forced a smile and ran inside.

"I don't want to talk about it." I said before my mom could ask me anything about the party. Sydney had won. She beat me. She was unstoppable. When I got home I have a 20 minute shower trying to get all the food out of my hair and face. When I got out of the shower, I sat on my bed and smiled at the picture of David in my shoebox. I bent down and kissed him goodnight. Closed the lid on my shoebox, and crawled into bed and went to sleep.

Goodnight David, goodnight mom, and goodnight, to my wimpy self. Because when it comes Monday, There's going to be a new queen bee, because Sydney, will be stung.

The End

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