Strike Two

It had been 23 hours and 14 minutes since Sydney devastated me. It was lunch, and If I was lucky I would be able to get a second dose of David. I swung my bag over my chair and looked up when I heard a incessant ringing from the back of our cafeteria. Sydney stood proudly on her normal lunch table eyeing the lunch crowd. Whatever she was up to, I was not going to be a part of.

"Attention please!" Sydney said dignified and confidently. 

"As you know, every year I host the first party of the year and you all are invited!" Sydney said excitedly looking for a positive reaction from the herd of hungry students who really didn't give a hoot what was going on. I had a hunch that she was going to publicly humiliate me if I were to go to this party, so I swallowed hard stood up, and said,

"What if we don't want to come?" The five seconds after the words fell out of my mouth I imagined all the things she would say to me, but settled on this,

"But Valerie, we want you there! You like totally awesome!" Lies. All of them, Sydney hated me, and that was perfectly clear from our talk yesterday. I nodded politely, then sat back down. Something was going to happen at that party. She was going to like kill me or something. But somehow, it seemed like one of the invitations was like a magnet and I was the last tool in the box. Like she wanted me there, but she didn't want to seem desperate. After lunch I grabbed an invitation of the top of the pile and ran out the cafeteria doors. I knew how Sydney played her game, and let's just say she is too dumb to put any booby traps around. Luckily, I had that advantage. I read the invitation carefully, and when it became friday night at 8:30 I would be up to bat, round two. Let the games begin.

The End

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