Strike One

Why is David so talented at everything? He is not only exceptionally gorgeous, but I believe that he is good at making choices and is quite smart too! In David's life, I can only find one single flaw, his persistently annoying girlfriend, Sydney. Sydney was head of state at Bowman High School, and nobody would take that away from her. Although, I must say that I will try! I will do anything to make David like me. Even if it means taking Sydney down.

Unless of course she takes me down first. Which I'm not reluctant in saying that she has in fact taken me down. On wednesdays after school, I walk by the soccer field every day on my way home because I know that David has after school soccer practice. I strategically planned to "forget" when our english essay was due then I would ask David on my way home. I was just about to ask him when the demons soul in teenager form walked up behind David.

"Hey babe," Sydney said in her wanna go make out? voice. I knew she used it just to annoy me, and it worked.

"Hey Syd, Do you know Valerie? she's in our english class!" David said delightfully. I love his voice, his words flow out of his mouth and hug my ears. 

"Ya whatever, so um anyway, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to you know hang out tonight?" Sydney said looking at me directly on the word night.

"Sure, one second Valerie was about to ask me something," David looked into my eyes and waited for me to answer him.

"Right! Um do you ha. . ." I was about to ask him when his bone head friend Josh called him over. And David, always dedicated to what he does, ran over in a hurry. I don't know who I should be more mad at, Sydney or Josh. I'm going to go with Sydney. If she hadn't come over being all flirty and playful with David I would've been able to talk to David for like 15 seconds! All I did was make myself look like an idiot. 

I pressed my face to the gate feeling to cool diamond print on my cheeks. I stared at David and backed away slowly from the school on my way home.

"Valerie!" A voiced hollered through the school gates. It sounded a lot like hatred and evil. It sounded a lot like Sydney.

"What do you want?" I asked turning around seeing Sydney posing against the gate with goons Alexis and Maggie behind her.

"What do I want? Valerie, If this world were going the way I want, you wouldn't be at this school. But unfortunately not everyone can get what they want!" Valerie said starring me down. I felt like she could see inside my head and was going through all my thoughts. Including the ones about David.

"Stay away from David, me and my friends. Everyone hates you at this school. Accept it, and move on!" Sydney flipped her golden brown ponytail and strutted away. A salty tear ran down my face into the corner of my mouth. 

"Game On" I mumbled walking away from school and heading in the direction of my house. 

The End

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