No More Petals

Valerie a 15-year-old nobody is in love with David a boy from who her english class who doesn't share the same feelings as Valerie.

I stare at David for exactly 13 minutes every day in english class. He sits in front of me, which give me a perfect view of his flawless features. His luscious blond hair was perfectly combed downward at the back of his neck. Occasionally, when a breeze flies through our english class, I get a blast of Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren, that's the cologne he wears every day. He's the most popular guy in the tenth grade, and the hottest. I love David, and if I ever got the courage to tell him that to his face I would. But unfortunately, I'm not courageous whatsoever, so I sit here behind David and watch him. Study him, and attempt to convey the attitude of the girl of his dreams. Although if I'm being honest I do not portray at all. So I have come to the conclusion of keeping David as a fantasy relationship, and so far, it's going really well between us. If only I could translate our fantasy relationship to reality. Then high school would be more enjoyable. 

The bell rings for third period, which can mean two things: I have to make a mad dash to science, and my daily David dose has ended. He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not. . .

The End

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