Chapter 1

I was cold. Water pelted all over my body, stinging every nerve. Something was covering my face. I couldn’t see. I was scared. Suddenly, something potent stung my throat. It was some sort of fluid being poured in to me. I tried to fight, but my body would not respond. I couldn’t shut my mouth; something warm and tough was holding my chin gently. I needed to breathe; I could not breathe. I was slowly losing all consciousness until the pressure let go and I swallowed, taking a deep breath in. I heard faint mumbling, and then a door shut. I began to pant, just like a dog in the sweltering heat. I could feel my body producing sweat all over me. I couldn’t feel anything. What was happening to me?

Speak you idiot! I screamed at myself, Speak! Scream! Anything! Then, it came out. I screamed a loud high pitched yelp, as something burned me.
"Help!" My eyes popped wide open with panic. My heart raced with fear. I sat right up. I scanned the dark room skittishly. The fairly large room looked very familiar. I recognized the elegant balcony that was connected to the left side of the room. The burgundy walls and chandelier. I laughed nervously as I recognized this as my room. My pulse began to slow and I turned my head towards the digital clock that sat on my night stand. 4:30 a.m. My head spun at the realization of the time, as my stomach growled fiercely.

"Ugh! Ok, ok!" I said to myself, jumping out of bed and into my brilliant red silk house coat. I turned left, towards the stairs and then another left at the bottom into the large kitchen. The kitchen was nothing but stainless steal. It gave my house a futuristic kind of feel. I went to the freezer and got out some chocolate chip cookie dough, grabbed a spoon from the drawer and dug in. I could eat so much junk and not gain a pound, so as an actress I don’t have to worry about what I eat. My life has revolved around acting ever since grade 1 when I was given the lead role as Little Red in the school play. I was always in acting camps and classes, never missing out on a chance to prove myself.

In grade 12 I had gotten the lead in our spring musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. I played Mary Magdelen, and was very content with my role. I was jubilant after the play, after some college scouts had come up to me handing me a scholarship and registration forms for a major theatre university. I spent 5 months there before I begun to get constant calls from directors and stage managers wanting to perform in there theatrical pieces. I dropped out of university and found my new life at the theatre, my only goal in life. I succeeded very well, as I am stationed in Orange County, California and am twenty-one and have been in multiple broadways shows and movies.

I put away the cookie dough after it was half gone, and jumped as the phone rang. Who the heck would call at this hour? I ran to the phone that was lying next to the bowl of fruit on the coffee table in the hall. I looked at the number, Swanton Wanda, my manager. Wanda has been my manager since I was 18. She has always been true to me ever since. She always knows what to say and is never afraid to speak her mind. The only thing that I wish I could change about her is her nagging level. She is like my second mother, and sometimes way worse. She has to get her way or she will complain.
"Hello, Wanda." I said hoarsely. My throat was tight from not talking much.
"I believe you are bright eyed and bushy tailed?" she said cheerfully. "You know where we have to be today right?"

"Um… no. Where do we have to be at 5 in the morning?" I asked, confused. What was she talking about?
"Rehearsal in a half hour, down at the theatre. I’ll have a limo pick you up. I can’t believe you didn’t remember. Oh well, just don’t forget your script, you know how Bob gets when people forget. Whew! It’s torture that’s what it is! Now, just don’t forget it or I’ll smack you upside the head. Got it? Good. Kiss, kiss!" and then the line went dead. Another thing I forgot to mention was that she talks way too much. Sometimes it can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. Thanks to her, I finally remembered what was going on today. I had to go to rehearsal for a horror piece. I played one of the main characters, a girl named Sarah who falls in love with a seductive serial killer. The serial killer is played by someone I have not heard of; his name is Kyle Smith. I have never met him, because he wasn’t at our first meeting for "getting to know the cast day". Bob freaked out, locked himself in his trailer; cursing his head off, and no one saw him for the rest of the day. I swear it, that man has serious issues. I wasn’t very excited to see him today. I don’t think anyone is. If Wanda wants to smack someone upside the head, it should be Bob.

The End

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