No More Acting - Chapter 2

Um… no. Where do we have to be at 5 in the morning?" I asked, confused. What was she talking about?
"Rehearsal in a half hour, down at the theatre. I’ll have a limo pick you up. I can’t believe you didn’t remember. Oh well, just don’t forget your script, you know how Bob gets when people forget. Whew! It’s torture that’s what it is! Now, just don’t forget it or I’ll smack you upside the head. Got it? Good. Kiss, kiss!" and then the line went dead. Another thing I forgot to mention was that she talks way too much. Sometimes it can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. Thanks to her, I finally remembered what was going on today. I had to go to rehearsal for a horror piece. I played one of the main characters, a girl named Sarah who falls in love with a seductive serial killer. The serial killer is played by someone I have not heard of; his name is Kyle Smith. I have never met him, because he wasn’t at our first meeting for "getting to know the cast day". Bob freaked out, locked himself in his trailer; cursing his head off, and no one saw him for the rest of the day. I swear it, that man has serious issues. I wasn’t very excited to see him today. I don’t think anyone is. If Wanda wants to smack someone upside the head, it should be Bob.

I trudged slowly up the stair case in to my bedroom and opened the doors to my giant walk-in closet. I scanned my shirt rack quickly and found a dark red blouse. Then I looked through my pants and found a nice pair of dark denim skinnys. I threw on my outfit quickly, grabbed a pair of shiny black pumps, my white pea cote, and ran to the door locking it behind me. I stumbled to the end of the drive way as the limo appeared. The driver got out and opened the door for me.
"Hello, Miss Cummings." The driver greeted me politely. I nodded in return. I slipped in to the vehicle and awaited the jabber that I was soon about to face. I turned my head in Wanda’s direction to see her gleaming smile stretched across her face. I merely grinned.

"So, Cassandra," she began, "You and Mr. Creeper are having dinner at Veneli’s tonight at six, and you will like it, or at least pretend to." She turned to her purse and began to dig through it violently, like a tornado tearing up trees and houses from their roots. She finally revealed a tiny piece of paper that looked to have been folded a gazillion times. She handed it to me smiling again, and I took it gingerly between my fingertips. I slowly unfolded the small piece of loose-leaf cautiously. In smudged blue ink, there was a telephone number written on the piece of paper and at the bottom was his autograph, Kyle Smith. I stared at the paper and groaned once.

Wanda frowned and snatched the paper from me, only to put it in my coat pocket. She smirked and turned to her Blackberry. I turned my head and stared into the face of the misty skies. The sun was beginning to shine through the thin fog and I could faintly see blue skies peeking through. Everything seemed so peaceful everywhere around me, while inside me my stomach turned and my head overflowed with anxiety and unawareness. I felt like I was sprinting headlong into a black hole, where everything is unexplained and dangerous. I’ve done this so many times before, but something about this Kyle guy erked me. I mean, he is such a camera person; you just automatically get the impression of a flat out jerk. I don’t really want to pair myself up with the un-parable, it’s just sick.

Before I knew it, the limo had stopped and we were entering the large gates of the theatre. The security guards let us right through without delay. They were expecting us. We rounded around to the back of the large theatre and parked. I knew I would regret this. My head felt heavy as I walked toward the backstage entrance. I grasped the rusty metal handle in my right hand and slowly opened the giant hunk of steel that served as a door.
"Here I go." I whispered softly.

The End

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