no more acting - Preface

I pushed myself faster down the winding narrow alleys. I was drenched from the bullets of rain that poured down mercilessly on to the pavement. My legs were screaming in protest, pleading me to stop. I pushed back the thought entirely as I felt myself start to slow. I only stopped for a second to see if he was following me still. There he was, smiling at me; hands in his pockets. He walked, I ran. Adrenaline pumped in to my system once again as I pictured him, catching me. I pictured him tightening his strong smooth hands around my neck. I gasped and ran faster. He started to jog; something was gripped tightly in his left hand that glinted ever so slightly off the weak moonlight.

I tried to push myself past my limit and failed quickly. Gasping for air, with sharp aches in my ribs, stabbing from every angle. I couldn’t go on, but I had to. I had to fight this, but I couldn’t. I started to run faster and then, without any warning, my legs gave out on me. I had failed. I collapsed on the cold, wet ground. He was there. I heard him chuckle slightly, and I could here the mocking smile in his voice. He bent down over top of me and flipped me over on to my back. I was crying, but he wouldn’t know; even if he did he wouldn’t care. He was still smiling. His short blond hair was now a dark brown from the rain. I wanted to scream, but I was too weak. My body felt limp and I was defenseless. He sighed and placed his strong arms underneath my back and limbs. He was still holding the shiny object. I prayed silently as he carried me out of the alley.
"Sleep Cassie." he soothed, "This will all be over very soon."

The End

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