No MoreMature

so many of you probably heard of the no more campaign trying to stop any sexual violence and domestic violence, well i wrote this because i know what its like to be in that situation and i choose to write about this for those who understand this poem, your not alone !!! #nomore

No More


She was broken and abused

Raped and used

She never spoke up because of the fear

That someone will give her more tears


So when she got away

She had so much to say

They got her help she refused

But she didn’t improve


She tried to take her pain out in other ways

Which made it worse in the end

But she started to move on

Until the memories came upon


This made her become very sad

The pain came back

Remembering all of the attacks


It is so hard for her to heal

Because the memories are all to real

She is in constant blame

And non-stop shame







The End

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