Chapter OneMature

The world can be a cruel place full of ignorance, hate, cruelity and discrimination....and children aren't always excluded. Especially in a concentraion camp.

The cargo truck was dark and the smell of urine and feces feeled the truck. Faith was tied down with heavy silver chains around her mouth, neck, wrists, stomach, and ankles. Her hair was damp with sweat and the silver caused burns over her skin. Next to her, just out of her reach was her two year old son. She could hear his scared cries but the chains pervented her from reaching out or speaking to comfort him. Faith wanted to reach out to her little boy and hold him in her arms and sing to him softly till his cries stopped.

Earlier that day; Faith had been making dinner while Donovan had been watching the TV when suddenly gun shoots were shooting though the windows and Hunters were breaking down the door. Faith's first thought was to get Donovan safe. She....she had broken the law; she was a werewolf. But Donovan....Donovan was human. She had been turned days after he was born. Not a drop of monster blood inside him. But she knew that wouldn't take her world for it. Faith raced into the living room cradled him to her chest and ran. Faith ran though the back door and climbed up the wall.

"Mommy?" Donovan had asked with confusion.

"Ssssssssssssssssh" Faith said and jumped over the wall only to be meet with Hunters. There was nowhere to run. Silver bullets were fired before she even had a time to plead Donovan's innocence. The next thing she knew she was chained down in the cargo truck with her innocent defencless son had his shirt removed, his hands tied with silver chains above his head and his feet off the ground. His small body smacked into the cargo wall everytime the truck turned a corner or went over a speed bump. He had a piece of tape over his mouth but the muffled cries of fear still got though. He was so close yet Faith could do nothing to protect her little boy.

Soon the truck pulled up outside the camp. Guards unloaded the monsters and lined them up.

"He's pretty."  one of the guards said and held his club under Donovan's chin lifting his face up. Donovan kept crying and looked up at the guard with fearful eyes. Faith wanted anything to take her small child away from this place; but she knew it was impossible. Donovan would be forced to endure life at a monster concentration camp.

The End

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