“Display star map.” he commanded, grasping the console for support.

 A three-dimensional hologram fizzed to life, staticy and unclear. It glowed an ocean blue, poorly displaying the positions of star systems and his current position.


Approximately…. the machine shuttered, its voice glitching into inaudible hisses. ... kilometers from Tau Helix 3.

 He sighed, dragging his right hand from his forehead down his face.

“Display stern visual.” he barked.

 The hologram before him sputtered into pixels, repositioning quite slowly into the image of the void. Lights within the video feed shot to life, illuminating the front of the vessel he inhabited. In the distance, a bright nebula took up the horizon. He was confused, they were already supposed to have entered orbit around Tau Helix 3. It was the land beyond, the hope which they named their ship after. Yet they had not arrived. He needed to know how long they’d been in suspended animation, how long they had been traveling.

“Computer, how long have we been traveling?”

 There wasn’t an answer.


[data unavailable] I’m sorry, I cannot assist you.

“Fuck!” he slammed his fists against the computer console.

 He then activated a holographic button, bringing up an orange display of the ship’s personnel. He tapped on statuses, but the screen only read “error”. He brought his palm up to his face, a holographic display appearing to show a hub of icons on which he could click. He tapped the one that read “crew members”, and it brought up a list of the people he barely recalled in his memory. He tapped on the first picture of an african american woman with the name “Daniels”, and it brought up a small list of information. When he read the status, he mouthed the word “error”.

 Cursing once more, Douglas turned to the doorway which he knew lead to an elevator. He took it, the low lighting and hum of the machine somewhat calming. That was another odd thing, every light seemed to be either dim or offline. He prayed it was just a formality for energy conservation, and not because energy was, indeed, very low. As his elevator reached the appropriate level, he stepped out into a long, dark hallway with a ceiling far above. On either side of him, rows and rows of pods containing crew members in stasis reached from the ground to the ceiling. He brought up the holographic list around his arm, finding Daniels among the pods. Once he found her, he manually connected his implanted computer with the pod.

“Status.” he commanded.

 This time, a status did appear. To his disbelief, it read Deceased.

The End

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