No Idea

A King is to be married to a princess from a neighbouring kingdom.

She travels to his kingdom.

The prince doesn’twant to be married, neither does the queen. But the queen tries very hard to make things work.

The prince is preoccupied with a distant war, where his father the King is. pouring over maps with his general and advisors and soldiers etc. Marrying the princess is something he must do, because it makes strategic sense to unite the two kingdoms in lieu of the rising threat from an invading empire, but he finds it very uncomfortable being with the princess

For both of them this marriage was a duty.

The two eventually have a falling out (Let’s not kid ourselves - says the prince)

This is the culmination of a long and trying, very strained time together. The queen has been trying hard, but the prince has been distracted and focused solely on the war in the east.

After he leaves The queen is in the gardens, she thinks she is alone and is silently weeping.

Then a little black bird lands in a tree. it flutters to the ground and promptly transforms into a middle aged to elderly looking man, (he has a wiry white beard. Looks like a wizard might look) he looks in good health. He brushes off his arm sleeves with the backs of his hand, then stops as he hears the queen crying. He looks over and sees her. He moves over


Who are you?

Someone who can help I hope! he says good humouredly

He is dressed in purple robes and looks a bit eccentric.

She doesn’t believe he can help

But he convinces her to tell him what is troubling her.

It ends with the wizard (Asilith) Deciding to help the young queen.

He reveals who he is. (He is a powerful wizard and everyone knows of him).

He tells the princess that he can place her under an enchantment, and she will sleep. When she wakes she will be free of the prince.

But how do I wake up?

I’m afraid I cannot tell you that.

Why not?

The enchantment won’t work if I do.


He promises no harm will come to her

She agrees and he performs the spell.

The princess falls asleep

The prince feels terrible when he finds out what has happened to the princess

He sets out to find the wizard where his home is rumoured to be (because by this time the wizard has left the castle grounds)

It’s a stormy night at the wizard’s home in the forest. His daughter is with him. His daughter is about the princes age and helps her father with his wizardry (potions etc).

She sees the prince walking along cloaked in the slanted pouring rain and wild wind and lighting. He is near exhaustion. He looks up sees the door of the house open. sees the sillouhette of the wizard’s daughter, then blacks out and collapses.

The daughter nurses him back to health with the aid of her absent minded but good hearted father. She learns who the prince is from her father.

(the daughter and the prince get to know each other during this recovery period, The wizard comes and goes)

She learns that her father placed the princess under an enchantment

When the prince wakes he is inside the house.

THey have a conversation and the daughter convinces her father to tell the prince how he might save the princess.

THe wizard says that only true love’s first kiss will wake the princess.

He tells the prince where to go and what to look for, to find the person that can awaken the princess.

The prince sets out. The daughter sets out with the prince for she feels responsible that her father cast the enchantment in the first place.

They go to where the war is being fought.

They find the person that matched Asilith’s prophetic description.

He is a strong lad about their age. tall too.

The three journey back to the kingdom.

THe prince and the daughter have a falling out (He is in love with her but conflicted by his honour bound duty to marry the princes and his guilt for what happened to her)

He reads too much into the relationship between the princess’s saviour and the wizard’s daughter.

She and the prince have an argument and she leaves in  tears.

The princess’s saviour tells him to go and make things right, that he can make it the rest of the way (with a bunch of people travelling to the kingdom that they encountered)

The prince turns back

and finds the wizard’s daughter crying.

He apologizes they make up and kiss.

He returns her to her home.

They are there for a while,

Eventually the story ends with the princess marrying the tall lad and the prince marrying the wizard’s daughter.

(I realise this isn't a messy and certainly not fully formed outline. I am having lots of ideas but I wanted to see if anyone thinks this very very rough draft ‘outline’ has potential..) I would LOVE to collaborate with other writers, if anyone is interested.

The End

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