Sunday: October 20th, 2009 | 12:00 PM

Sunday: October 20th, 2009 
12:00 PM

The town of Hope has been praying harder than they have ever before these past fifteen days. People have been glued to their television sets for the past two weeks. California has been quarantined and all the news is broadcasting are stories about the military and National Guard doing all they can to maximize safety efforts in these trying times. The mass hysteria that had previously been reported is now being called an infection. Infected citizens have been fired upon although to no avail. Measures have been taken to control and contain infected citizens as they don't seem to die by conventional measures. 

Seven others including Juan and Marty are sitting at the bar, gazing up at the TV in the corner. An afternoon talkshow is debating whether or not a Hollywood nightmare has come true. Whether or not a zombie apocalypse has finally occurred.

Juan scoffed at the talkshow host. The others at the bar brought their eyes down from the TV and look down to the left of the bar where Juan was seated at the edge.

"Come on guys... zombies?"

Marty tapped his glass on the bar. "Hey, I think we've all seen this movie before." A few of the guys laughed. One of them mumbled about Rapture. Judgement Day. This was God's way of punishing the unbelievers.

"That's horsesh*t," Juan argued. "Aren't you guys just supposed to disappear on Judgement Day? Leaving guys like me and Marty to do whatever the hell we then please?"

Marty added, "Yeah, like that uh... Left Behind book." One of the patrons commented, "'Cause we all read that book."

Juan tried to hide a smile. "Sh*t's pretty crazy...but let's not forgot that meteor there came from space. Aliens come from space."

Marty bellowed a hearty laugh. "Oh wow Juan, I didn't peg ya for a Trekkie." Juan gave Marty a quick punch to the shoulder. "I'm serious here, Marty. Guys. A space virus ain't somethin' out of the ordinary. Sh*t, they found them microscopic organisms on Mars, didn't they? Who knows what kind of crap they carry?"

The guy who mentioned rapture got up out his stool, tossed a five down on the bar and pulled his keys out of his pocket and walked towards the door. Didn't say anything.

Another one of the patrons pointed up to the TV, which had just cut to the Presidential Seal with an empty podium in front of it.

Marty burped, silently. "Sh*t, what happened now?"

President Obama walked out in front of the camera's view. "Fellow Americans; you are all well aware of the accident in California and you are all well deserving of an official explanation."

Juan got up out of his barstool and ran around the bar to get to the TV. He reached up and frantically clicked the volume up button.

*click-click-click-click-click*"-ilitary experiment gone tragically wrong."

Juan choked. "Military experiment?! What the hell?"

Marty whispered, "I didn't know the army was shootin' asteroids at us..."

President Obama continued, "A prototype high-altitude aircraft carrying a volatile experimental weapon system unfortunately lost control and crashed into the Californian coastline."

The bar patrons all stood up. Juan stared them down. "There's no way'n hell that was a prototype aircraft." A few nodded towards Juan and followed the rest out the door.

Juan and Marty were left alone listening to the remainder of President Obama's speech over the old television.

"We are focusing all of our efforts to effectively and safely overcome this terrible tragedy."

Juan eyed Marty. "Tragedy," he sighed, picking up his glass. "...fill 'er up, Mart."

The End

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