No Happy Ending.Mature

She stared at the bleeding cuts on her inner arms as tears ran down her cheeks.

She was holding the bloody needle in one hand while the other hand was clenched in pain and annoyance at the world.

Why couldn't things happen like she planned? Fresh tears broke out as she thought about her life.

She gasped quickly and grabbed the tissues next to her, putting the needle down as she wiped the blood off the desk. Then she used another tissue to wipe the tears away.

She looked herself in the mirror. The cuts were easily visible and still slightly bleeding, her eyes were red from crying.

She used another tissue, trying to wipe away the pain and forget everything.

She snuck out of her room, making sure her mom wasn't anywhere to be seen and went to the bathroom across the hall.

She wet the tissue and again rubbed her arm vigorously, the pain continuing.

"Annie! Supper!" Her mom suddenly shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

"Ok." Annie said back shakily.

She checked her eyes one last time, still red.

She flicked her dark hair over her eyes casually. Then she diverted her eyes to her arms. They were still bleeding.

She wrapped the toilet roll around her arms and put her hoodie on so her mom wouldn't see.

She slowly made her way downstairs.

The End

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