"That's a nice bracelet, where did you get that from?" A voice said. I looked up, startled, as I had just been daydreaming about...various things. I saw a girl who was a bit younger than me with long ginger hair tied back in a bun, her chubby face was sprinkled with freckles and her eyes were glossy and green. I had never seen her before, although it was rare that I saw people in the girl's toilets during lessons, I had decided to bunk maths again.

"I made it myself with a bead kit, you can get  the beads from craft shops." I said in reply to her question. The girl look a bit disappointed.

"Oh, but I like your one, I could never make one as pretty as that, I don't have the patience. Oh well. Anyway, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in a lesson?" She probed. My heart started dancing in my chest wildly, she wasn't one of those teacher's pet year eights was she? The ones who always tell on you, no matter who you are or what you bribe them with. I started to speak but no words came out, she began to speak again instead.

"Are you bunking?! Wow! I wish I had the guts to do that. Don't worry, I won't tell on you. I'm Olivia, I'm in year nine although I don't look it, do I?"

She was right, she didn't look like she was thirteen going on fourteen at all but I didn't say anything, I just thanked her for keeping my bunking a secret, although I think my teachers would have worked it out by now.

The End

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